Perretta & Francescon Win DU Presidential Election

An hour ago its was announced that Antoine Perretta & Jim Francescon won the DU election as President and Vice-President of the AUSA Senate.

The results were supposed to be announced at 9 PM last night but there were some issues related to the online voting.

This year 34% of the student body voted versus 25% last year, an increase of 36% over the previous year. A remarkable turnout and many deserve praise for pushing the voting numbers to near record levels.

Congratulations to those that won the election and to those who missed out, stay involved on campus. Help the students, alumni & administration build school spirit, a better campus and better environment for all our students.

2009-10 AUSA Senate Election Results
*Number on left indicates the number of votes cast

1607* President / Vice President
Antoine Perretta / Jim Francescon

677* Daniels College of Business

Natasha Kiemnec
Jeremy Lynch

113* HRTM
Tim Healy

117* Korbel School of International Studies
Sean Johnson

36* Performing Arts
Lucia Thomas

40* SECS
Lynsey Simon

260* SOCS
Tyler Gerk

495* Sophomore Senators
Milan Chatterjee
Max Ravech

453* Junior Senators
Chris Fettig
Nathan Pearson

397* Senior Senators
Lalu Abebe
Tuyen Trisa Bri

408* On Campus Senator
Dillon Doyle
Sonia Wilk

1190* Off Campus Senator
Katie Bernell
Matt Johnson

The Hockey Team Skates In 2007 DU Ice Show

(above) The University of Denver hockey team skating with performers in the 2007 DU Ice Show

2009 DU Ice Show

Saturday - 7 PM / Sunday - 1 PM

Magness Arena

Tickets $7

DU Hockey Team To Skate In Annual Ice Show

(above) Puppets on Ice have performed at past DU Ice Shows

DU's Annual Ice Show has been an institution at the University of Denver for years. This weekend the tradition continues at Magness Arena (May 2-3, 2009). Performers include the University of Denver hockey team members as well as others who participate in the myriad of ice programs at DU.

Tickets are $7.00 on Saturday at 7 PM or Sunday at 1 PM. The hockey team will perform with the collegiate figure skating team. On Friday evening the dress rehearsal which is free and the team will be skating at about 7:10. 22 of the players are skating including David Carle.

This is a great event for the entire family.

Once Boone's Resolved, Skating Cheerleaders Next

Get Boone approved and we'll work on making Phase #2 a reality

Go DU ... Bring Back Boone ... Go DU

LetsGoDU Offers Sneak Peak At Future Website

(above) The LetsGoDU website will debut this summer

LetsGoDU will spend this summer transforming ourselves from a Blog to an interactive website & message board. Our IT team is working on the prototype and we thought you'd like to see a mockup.

Clarion Will Print Online Comments In Print Edition

(above) The Brew-Ha-Ha is drawing attention on campus

"Boonegate (būn gāt) Noun - A political firestorm created when the Clarion hijacked the 2009 AUSA Elections by affixing a Boone logo to "Pro-Boone" candidates in Tuesday's edition.

The Clarion will print the comments that are made at in the hardcopy edition next week. We encourage LetsGoDU readers to sound off in the Clarion and your comments will be printed in the fishwrap edition next Tuesday.

Student Senate Election Today and Tomorrow

(above) LetsGoDU endorses Perretta & Fransceson due to their "Pro-Boone" stand
(above) Candidates running with Boone stickers share our vision of school spirit.
Tim Healy is also Pro-Boone

(above) Today's Clarion sure makes it easy to see who to vote for
Erin Hough is Pro-Boone as well

University of Denver

AUSA 2009 Elections

On-line polls for the 2009 AUSA Election will be open

  • Monday, April 27, 2009, between 6:00 a.m. and 11 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 28, 2009, between 6:00 a.m. and 11p.m.
  • Wednesday, April 29, 2009, between 6:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Two DU Students Blast Clarion Over Boone Stance

(left) DU student Tess Cromer teed off on the Clarion staff for having the audacity to ask candidates how they felt about Boone mascot & then proceeded to tell the Clarion what they should and shouldn't write about in the school newspaper

The DU student newspaper the Clarion asked potential AUSA Senate Candidates if they, "Would like Boone to be placed next to your information in this week's insert on the election for the AUSA Senate?"

Eleven students choose to have the Boone logo affixed to their candidate resumes.

The current DU Senate Affairs Committee strongly encouraged candidates to not use Boone as a campaigning tool. Not only that, but they also felt the need to tell the Clarion how to run the newspaper.

Its ironic that neither the Senate, nor students have ever been given a vote in the Boone Issue. Chancellor Coombe used strong-arm tactics last year to jam his political agenda down the throats of the DU community and has been fielding questions from alums ever since.

John McMahon and Tess Cromer - Chair and Vice-Chair of the Senate Affairs Committee

We are disappointed in the Clarion's decision to force the candidates for AUSA Senate into answering a question regarding Boone. Chancellor Coombe and this year's Senate (2008-2009) have already made a decision regarding the official use of Boone. Consequently, next year's Senate will have no influence on the future of Boone. Because of this, we believe that the sole purpose of the Clarion's actions is to be divisive and controversial.

Furthermore, by focusing on the issue of Boone, the Clarion is minimizing the actual substantive issues over which next year's Senate will be exercising control.

The role of a student newspaper should be to inform students about relevant and substantive issues and enable them to make educated decisions, not to divide them over an already decided issue.

Mike Chambers Breaks Major Story On Rakhshani

The Denver Post has a breaking story of Rhett Rakhshani returning to DU for his senior season. Rakhshani will also serve as captain of the team next season.

Chambers' Denver Post Blog
has details on forward Jesse Martin's offseason hip surgury. It was performed by the same doctor that worked on baseballer Alex Rodriguez's hip.

No surprise because he committed months ago, but David Makowski signed a National Letter of Intent with DU. Makowski is set to come to DU in 2010 and will play in the USHL with the Green Bay Gamblers again next season. He has been having a sensational postseason, netting a power play goal last night, but the Green Bay lost 4-2 to the Indiana ice.

Workshop Claims DU Professors "Insult" Minorities

(above) DU students turned out in November to support Boone at the "Defining A Pioneer" community discussion

University of Denver students, faculty & administrators will be able to attend a Workshop on Friday that claims that DU Professors perpetuate "microagressions" on students based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality and a myriad of other special needs groups.

Its all part of Chancellor Coombe's 8th Annual University of Denver Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence. The conference is sponsored in part by the DU Athletic Department and other campus organizations.

A workshop entitled, 'No, It’s Not a Hat, It’s a Yarmulke': Addressing Microaggressions by Faculty in the Classroom" grabbed our attention because of the term "microagression." Back in November, DU Vice-Provost Jim Moran claimed that the Denver Boone mascot represented "microaggression" against people of color and women at the "Defining A Pioneer" community discussion on campus. Moran is the Vice-Provost of Graduate Studies & Research.

Not satisfied with slandering our mascot, the microagessionists have turned their sights on DU's faculty.
“No, It’s Not a Hat, It’s a Yarmulke”: Addressing Microaggressions by Faculty in the Classroom

Description: Microaggressions in the classroom against students representing a diversity of groups continues to be a challenge at the University of Denver. Students report that they are often subjected to insults and invalidations by faculty (and other students) based on race, ethnicity, religion , nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, disability, and other diverse dimensions. It is clear from the literature that microaggressions are often perpetuated, not by spiteful and bigoted professors, but instead are undertaken at the unconscious level by well meaning and caring professors. This workshop is designed by DU students for faculty to examine microaggressions in the classroom. The session will include a simulation of a classroom in which two students will play the role of the professor teaching the course and faculty will be asked to play the role of students. This will be followed by group discussions regarding how faculty can work towards creating inclusive classrooms free of microaggressions.
Target audience: Faculty and instructors.

Boone Facebook Group Cruises Past 2,100 Friends

(above) The Denver Boone Facebook Group has been Ground Zero for the Rebel Alliance

At last count Denver Boone has 2,100 "Friends" on Facebook. If you're a Facebook member, make sure you link up with Denver Boone ASAP.
Other Facebook Groups

DU To Host Multiculurial Pep Rally On Friday

(above) DU will be rocking on Friday night to the music of Kartik Seshadri

DU hockey fans looking for a good time on Friday won't want to miss the 8th Annual University of Denver Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence.

Chancellor Coombe's dream of transforming the University of Denver into an institution that values and practices "Inclusive Excellence" will be highlighted at the Diversity Summit. Millions of DU tuition dollars have been spent to create a "multicultural experience" at DU that is second to none. Sure its been expensive, but with a star studded line-up of events on Friday, we can all see its been worth it.

Two years ago, under the command of Chancellor Coombe, the University of Denver made an institutional commitment to Inclusive Excellence, the philosophical and practical concept that inclusiveness and excellence are one in the same. Or in other words, get rid of all mascots and images that look like "Pioneers."

There will be plenty of good times at the Summit including workshops that ask, "Is Your World Too White?"
"This session is for faculty and administrators trying to deal with a racist society. Participants will examine 25 different ways that all people, but whites in particular, can examine institutional racism and white privilege and take immediate tangible steps to increase inclusivity at DU and in their personal lives."
Two weeks ago two DU students attended the 10th Annual White Privilege Conference in early April. The annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) serves as a yearly opportunity to examine and explore difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and oppression.

In order to keep the event as environmentally friendly as possible attendees are asked to leave the Hummers and SUV's at home when attending the Conference. Participants are encouraged take public transportation.

DU Recruit Has Three Assists In USHL Semi-Finals

(above) David Makowski hopes to follow St. Louis native Chris Butler's path through Denver to the NHL

From: Green Bay Gazette
by Jim Palzewic

2010 DU Recruit David Makowski had three assists as the Green Bay Gamblers won a dramatic 4-3 come-from-behind victory over the Indiana Ice in game two of the United States Hockey League Clark Cup best-of-five semifinal series.

“There were two passionate teams out there (Saturday night),” Gamblers’ coach Jon Cooper said. “Playoff hockey is emotional and this game was a pleasure to watch. Unfortunately someone had to lose and we’re just glad it wasn’t us.”

The Gamblers came out with much more intensity than in game one, as witnessed by the 4,147 in attendance.

“Our energy level was better tonight,” Cooper said. “The guys knew what was at stake and there was no way we could go down 0-2 at home.”

“We still have a little bit of a hole - we gave the home-ice advantage back to them and now we have to take it back.”

Makowski, a defenseman from St. Louis, Missouri played in the USHL All-Star game this season and played on Team USA that won a goal medal at the World Junior A Championships in Camrose, Alberta in December. He also netted 9 goals and 20 assists and was +23 during the regular season.

Carle's Two Assists Leads Flyers Over Penguins

(above) Matt Carle battles for the puck along the boards

by Adam Kimelman

PITTSBURGH - With their backs to the wall, facing a win-or-go-home situation at a sold-out Mellon Arena, DU alum Matt Carle helped the Philadelphia Flyers to a 3-0 victory in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series.

Martin Biron made 28 saves for his second playoff shutout and first win in six decisions at Mellon Arena. Game 6 is Saturday afternoon at Philadelphia.

In the third period, Defenseman Matt Carle, who had a pair of assists, intercepted Philippe Boucher's clearing pass and fired a shot on net. The puck bounced to Darroll Powe, then onto Claude Giroux's stick -- and the rookie scored his second playoff goal into an open net at 3:25 of the third period to make it 2-0.

Stevens said. "Matty Carle, for me, I think he's been a terrific pickup for our hockey team. For a guy who's not that big he's really competitive on the puck, he shows no fear. He has calm with the puck all the time, makes a lot of subtle little plays that allow you to get out of your end with possession. He's a big reason we've had success this year."

Spirit Rock Tribe Votes To Support Sioux Nickname

(above) Hold off ordering the Travertine marble for a few more weeks

From: Grand Forks Herald

FORT TOTTEN, N.D. — Spirit Lake voters apparently overwhelmingly support UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname in a referendum Tuesday.

Late Tuesday, the Herald was still trying to verify the results with election judges. But nickname supporter Eunice Davidson said her source at the ballot counting site said the unofficial results are 774 “yes” to 378 “no,” giving the nickname 67 percent of the vote.

Some voters wore apparel bearing the word “Sioux” in UND green or the Indian head logo used by the university’s hockey team, the very things that nickname opponents have called racist and demeaning.

And those who wore the supposedly offensive symbols weren’t even doing it to make a point. They said that’s just what they wear because they like and are even proud of the nickname.

“I’m so happy,” Davidson said. “I know the campaign we run we tried to stay on the positive side, didn’t try to run anybody down.”

One anti-nickname organizer Erich Longie had earlier said he didn’t think his side would prevail because it hadn’t had enough time to educate voters, which includes accusing pro-nickname organizers of getting financial support from Ralph Engelstad Arena, the home of the UND hockey team.

The arena and nickname supporters say that’s simply not true.

Terry Morgan, a key anti-nickname organizer, said his side just didn’t have enough time. He’d recently gone to a pro-nickname household, he said, shared information and converted them.

“If I could honestly sit down with a lot of people, I could talk a lot of people out of it,” Morgan said. He’s not sure what nickname opponents will do next, he said, but they’ll still keep fighting.

Some voters who the Herald spoke with either said they didn’t care what opponents had to say or had heard and were unconvinced.

The nickname would still need the support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe if UND is to keep it. That’s the main condition of a settlement between the university and the NCAA, which opposes Indian mascots.

Standing Rock nickname supporters say they’re working to win their tribe’s approval, but the Tribal Council has resisted a referendum.

News & Notes From Around Pioneer Nation

The Philadelphia Daily News has a great article on the Carle brothers. Matt has raised the level of his game with the Flyers this season while David finishes his Freshman year at DU.

DU Hockey Turns To Mixed Martial Arts Workouts

(left) DU Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Mike Sanders is bringing Mixed Martial Arts to the DU hockey program

From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the general term to describe what goes on at Ultimate Fighting Championship, Strikeforce and Affliction events across the country. And it's also been introduced to the University of Denver hockey team by strength and conditioning coordinator Mike Sanders.

In what could be coined the newest complete workout, MMA is the convergence of wrestling (conventional and submission), boxing, kick-boxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu, among other combat disciplines.

The full-contact sport of UFC and the other sanctioning bodies features striking techniques (kicks, knees and punches) and wrestling (clinch holds, pinning, submission holds, sweeps, takedowns and throws). It is gaining popularity behind impressive event attendance and national television exposure, and is admired by fitness buffs like Sanders.

The growth of professional MMA "has been amazing; it's just blown up over the past three, four years," said Alicia Gumm, co-owner of the Gumm MMA and Brazilian jiu jitsu training facility in Denver. "This isn't a hard-core underground sport anymore."

Gumm, wife of former UFC fighter Brad Gumm, said her gym has about 120 students, including Sanders, and 11 professional MMA fighters.

"The average person is not going to come in and be an MMA fighter," Gumm said. "Most of our students come in to get the best form of self-defense."

Sanders has been using MMA training at DU. He says the speed and power of MMA workouts translates well to hockey players.

"It's a full body-type workout, so the body is going through a bunch of different muscular contractions that will help our players on the ice," Sanders said. "Secondly, it trains anaerobic endurance, and hockey is an anaerobic endurance sport. It also teaches them better hand-eye coordination."

Pro-Boone Students Needed To Run For Senate

According to the Clarion, applications for 2009-2010 Senate are due on Monday at 5 p.m. "The Rebel Alliance" needs students who will stand up for school spirit and are willing to stare down bully tactics from the administration.

Encourage friends to run for the AUSA Senate and help us chart a course for Boone to return to DU.

A recent Clarion Poll showed that 81% of the DU community stands united behind the Boone mascot.

DU Lax Players Charged After Border Brawl

(above) Its getting to the point where DU alums can't stroll across campus without being attacked by DU lacrosse players

The Clarion has an article detailing the recent suspensions of three DU lacrosse players that have been kicked off the team. Two players were arrested, posted bond and have charges pending after an incident with two DU alums. The incident occurred outside the popular DU watering hole/sleaze bar The Border.

A third lacrosse player was kicked off the team for drinking on a road trip.

DU Athletic Dept. Resets Policy On Boone Mascot

(above) Boone was devastated to learn that he would not be able to skate on the Magness ice next season due to "safety concerns"

From: DU Clarion
by Arianna Ranahosseini

DU Athletics released a statement yesterday retracting a memo that said "spirit representatives nor varsity sports teams are permitted to take pictures and/or support the 'unofficial' mascot at events or beyond."

"I didn't know about that memo," said Peg Bradley-Doppes, vice chancellor of the Division of Athletics and Recreation.

The unofficial mascot, modeled after former DU mascot Denver Boone, made his debut two weeks ago at the men's lacrosse game at INVESCO Field at Mile High.

He was funded by over $5,000 in donations from alumni, students and fans.

Members of the DU Dance Team took a photo with the Pioneer mascot following the game, which prompted the original memo.

The original memo was sent by Angel Field, director of in-event production and promotions.

In her retraction sent to coaches and athletic staff, Bradley-Doppes' stated, "Boone is welcome with open arms to our events as our 'UNOFFICIAL MASCOT,' especially since the mascot is a DU student. Fans, student -athletes, students and spirit team members are allowed to take INFORMAL pictures with Boone. However, formal shots that include coaches, administrators and student-athletes, etc. are not permitted."

Although the Pioneer mascot will not be allowed on the ice at hockey games due to safety concerns he will be allowed throughout the concourse just as any other student or alumni holding a ticket.

"We will embrace them (any mascot) just for demonstrating their spirit and love for the university," Bradley-Doppes said.

"It's a very different thing from the university adopting Boone as one of its official images or trademarks or things of that nature," Chancellor Robert Coombe said. "I think you have to recognize that there are still groups of students, undergraduate, graduate and faculty that are opposed to Boone."

Coombe has yet to see the Pioneer mascot.

This week, the Pioneer mascot might be seen at May Days promotions, all around campus on Tuesday and Thursday and at the men's lacrosse game on Saturday night.

DU Recruit Drew Shore Reports For THN

(above) The Hockey News had Drew Shore break down some of the players he faced this week

With some of the best teens in the world converging on Fargo, N.D., and Moorhead, Minn., for the World Under-18 Championship, The Hockey News needed an insider to draw up a book for us on the talent. Stepping into the role was Drew Shore, a 2009 draft eligible center from Team USA who is committed to the University of Denver next season.

USA Under-18 Team Basks In Golden Glow

(above) DU recruit William Wrenn scores for Team USA

by Brian Fitzsimmons

The world's newest golden boys fulfilled their dream by redefining what home-ice advantage truly means.

Defenseman Cam Fowler scored an early first-period goal as the U.S. National Under-18 Team cruised to a 5-0 triumph against Russia, capturing the gold medal at the 2009 IIHF World Under-18 Championships in Fargo, N.D., on Sunday.

Matt Nieto, DU recruit William Wrenn, Chris Brown and Ryan Bourque also tallied to help the Americans complete their thrilling run in becoming the first U.S. team to win the gold on home soil since the 1980 Olympic Games.

"I'm just happy for the players and the team," U.S. coach Ron Rolston said. "We had a group that was focused throughout the tournament. I'm happy for them to accomplish their goals and live their dreams."

A record-breaking crowd of 4,923 at the Urban Plains Center – consisting of many people suffering from the rising flood threats along the Red River – witnessed the Americans avenge Tuesday's 6-5 loss to Russia, their only loss of the tournament and international play this year.

DU hockey fans got a glimpse of the future Wrenn took a pass from fellow Pioneer recruit Drew Shore before firing a slap shot past Bobkov for a power-play goal at 1:55 of the 2nd period.

"Everyone's worked for this for two years now and it hasn't kicked in," Wrenn said. "I just can't believe it. We never really stopped playing; we made smart decisions. It was just everyone laying it all out on the line. We got the jitters out of the way and we rolled after that."

"We knew we were going to have to play better defensively," Rolston said. "(The Russians) have an outstanding team and excellent forwards in terms of speed and skills. Our goaltending and defense was exceptional.

"Adam Murray [DU recruit] started the first few games and did outstanding by placing us in the position we were in. Then Jack Campbell closed the door and played exceptionally well."

USA 5 - Russia 0 * USA Wins Gold Medal

(above) Team USA won the Gold at the World Under-18 Championships

FARGO, N.D. -- Four DU recruits helped USA defeat Russia 5-0 in the gold-medal game at the 2009 International Ice Hockey Federation World Under-18 Championship on Sunday night.

DU recruits William Wrenn scored a power play goal and Drew Shore added two assists. Jason Zucker played well & goaltender Adam Murray did not play.

The U.S. defeated arch rival Canada, 2-1, Friday night to secure a spot in the gold-medal game for the fifth time in six years at this event. Russia defeated the US 6-5 earlier in the tournament.

4 DU Recruits Will Play Russia For Gold Medal

(above) Drew Shore against the Czech Republic on Thursday night

USA 5 - Russia 0
Wrenn goal, Shore two assists

FARGO, N.D. -- Four DU recruits are set to take on Russia in the gold-medal game at the 2009 International Ice Hockey Federation World Under-18 Championship on Sunday at 6 PM MT. Drew Shore, William Wrenn, Jason Zucker & Adam Murray are DU recruits on the US Under-18 team.

The U.S. is currently 5-0-0-1 in tournament play and defeated arch rival Canada, 2-1, Friday night to secure a spot in the gold-medal game for the fifth time in six years at this event. Russia defeated the US 6-5 earlier in the tournament.

A record crowd of 4,906 packed into the Urban Plains Center for Friday night's semifinal match-up. will provide live streaming coverage of the gold-medal game free of charge. Users who want to watch the game must first sign up for a free account at and install Microsoft Silverlight.
U.S. Men's National Under-18 Team Results

Thur. April 9 Norway W, 8-0
Sat. April 11 Finland W, 4-3
Mon. April 13 Slovakia W, 12-0
Tue. April 14 Russia L, 5-6
Thur. April 16 Czech Republic (QF) W, 6-2
Fri. April 17 Canada (Semifinal) W, 2-1
Sun. April 19 Russia 6 PM MT

Donovan's Season Ends With POW Award

DU recruit Matt Donovan was named a first team All-USHL Award winner this season. He also picked up the league's final defensive Player of the Week Award.

In his second season with the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders, the native of Edmond, Oklahoma led all USHL defensemen in scoring with 51 points (19g, 32a) finished the regular season riding a three-game scoring streak (2g, 3a).

Donovan and fellow DU recruit Paul Phillips saw their season end in dramatic fashion as the Indiana Ice defeated the host RoughRiders in a deciding Game 5.

2010 DU recruit
David Makowski's Green Bay Gamblers advanced to the 2nd round of the USHL playoffs.
DU's 2009 Recruiting Class
D William Wrenn (U.S. Under-18)
D Matt Donovan (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
D Paul Phillips (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
G Adam Murray (U.S. Under-18)
F Drew Shore (U.S. Under-18)
F Shawn Ostrow (Camrose, AJHL)
F Chris Knowlton (Des Moines, USHL)

DU's 2010 Recruiting Class
F Jason Zucker (U.S. Under-17)
D David Makowski (Green Bay, USHL)

Boone Continues Momentum On Facebook

(above) The Denver Boone Facebook Group has been Ground Zero for the Rebel Alliance

At last count Denver Boone has 2,082 "Friends" on Facebook. If you're a Facebook member, make sure you link up with Denver Boone ASAP.
Other Facebook Groups

David Carle Writes Blog

(above) David Carle's coaching role will expand next season for DU

David Carle's season ending blog posting for had several interesting tidbits. He talked about DU's abrupt departure from the NCAA playoffs, his role with the team next season and several camps and clinics he will attend.

USA Under-18 Team Defeats Canada 2-1

The U.S. Men's National Under-18 Team, featuring four Denver Pioneer recruits, defeated Canada, 2-1, in the semifinal of the 2009 International Ice Hockey Federation World Under-18 Championships on Friday. The U.S. played before a sold-out crowd of 4,906 at the Urban Plains Center.

Team USA improved to 5-0-0-1 and will face Russia in the gold-medal game on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. CT.

Hockey Awards Dinner Postponed Due To Weather

DENVER - The 53rd Annual University of Denver Hockey Awards Evening slated for tonight at The Cable Center has been postponed until Friday, May 8 due to inclement weather.

Heavy snow and rain in the Denver Metro Area has forced the postponement.

The awards evening will begin at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 8 at The Cable Center. For registration information, please contact Ruth Lipson at or 303.871.3397.

Photo Of The Day

(above) This photo was taken by the Clarion. Boone relaxing before lacrosse game against Notre Dame

LetsGoDU Photoshop Promotes World Peace

We are the University of Denver
(above) Boone merchandise sales could help DU lower tuition, raise money for athletic scholarships, hire more staff or build more fancy stadiums

Boone Goes Over 80% In Clarion Poll

Boone continues to climb in the Clarion Poll asking students about their mascot prefences. Boone has climbed from a 68% approval rating three days ago to 80% this morning.

Clearly students are seeing the mascot is not offensive and are jumping on the bandwagon.

Boone may make an appearance Sunday at the lacrosse game against Ohio State at 1:30 PM.

DU Recruit Drew Shore Leads USA To Victory

(left) DU recruit Drew Shore scored two goals and added an assist last night

U.S. Men's National Under-18 Team should be renamed the USA Pioneer Select Team, because DU's four recruits have turned in impressive performances in the past week. Three different DU recruits have been named Player of the Game in the last five games. Last night it was Denver native Drew Shore, who joined William Wrenn and Adam Murray as a POG recipient.

Behind three-point efforts from Drew Shore (2g-1a--3pts) and Jerry D'Amigo, the U.S. Men's National Under-18 Team downed the Czech Republic, 6-2, here tonight in a quarterfinal match-up at the 2009 International Ice Hockey Federation World Under-18 Championship. Team USA improved to 4-0-0-1 in the tournament and will meet Canada on Friday in the semifinals at 7:30 p.m. CT at the Urban Plains Center.

Team USA struck at 9:38 of the first period to take the 1-0 lead. The goal came when John Henrion streaked down the left wing, got around a defender and fed the puck to a charging Shore who got hauled down by a Czech defender, but still was able to slide the puck under netminder Filip Novotny as he crashed into the net. At 13:43, Shore doubled the U.S. advantage after he skated into the Czech zone and wired a shot up into the left corner of the net. The Czech Republic answered back when Antonin Honejsek collected a rebound and slid it under the stick of netminder Jack Campbell at 14:48 for a power-play goal.

Just 55 seconds into the second stanza, Philip Samuelsson slid a shot from the left point through the legs of Novotny to make it 3-1. With Team USA on a two-man advantage, Kenny Ryan put the U.S. ahead by three when he collected the puck off the boards on the left side of the net and jammed it home at 8:54. D'Amigo stretched the U.S. advantage to four when Cam Fowler's shot from the left point glanced off of D'Amigo and inside the left post at 15:52. With Team USA on another two-man advantage, Fowler found Jeremy Morin who rocketed a one-timer off of the crossbar and down into the net with just 1:51 remaining in the middle frame.

The Czech Republic made it 6-2 at 4:24 of the final period, but would not score again as Campbell and the U.S. defense shut the door.

NOTES: Drew Shore was named Team USA's Player of the Game ... Team USA out shot the Czech Republic 58-23. The U.S. has posted 50-plus shots in three of its five games at the IIHF World Under-18 Championship ... The U.S. and Canada will meet in the semifinals for the first time since 2007, when Team USA came away with a 4-3 shootout victory to advance to the gold-medal game ... The U.S. will be making its eighth consecutive appearance in the semifinals of the IIHF World Under-18 Championship ... All of Team USA's games, along with all games that are being played at the Urban Plains Center will be webcast live on on a pay-per-view basis.

DU Alum Butler Playing Like NHL Veteran

(above) DU Alum Chris Butler was the biggest surprise for the Buffalo Sabres this season

From: Buffalo News
John Vogl

It was clear to anyone watching that Chris Butler was staying in Buffalo. Andrew Peters saw it. So in a gesture of kindness and teammate kinship, Peters plucked the Sabres rookie from his lonely days in a hotel and invited Butler to live with him and his wife.

It didn't take long for Butler to go from house guest to family member. Butler is a smart, thoughtful guy whose etiquette floored his hosts. Whenever Erin Peters would get up from the kitchen table or prepare to leave a room, Butler would rise from his seat in a show of chivalry and respect.

The respect immediately flowed both ways.

"He's as mature as they get for a 22-year-old," Andrew Peters said. "He's a professional in every sense of the word. He treated my wife with the most respect, and that went a long way. That's what I mean by gentleman. He's a really, really good kid. He's like a young brother."

The housing arrangement worked, but it's unlikely to continue next season. Butler may as well start shopping for his own place because he's not going anywhere. The defenseman figures to be a Sabres regular for years.

In a season littered with disappointments, Butler was the Sabres' biggest success story. He was called up in December when injuries thinned the blue line. He played too well to go back to Portland. He finished with 47 games and was second on the Sabres with a plus-11 rating.

"Chris Butler probably surprised all of us with his play," coach Lindy Ruff said. "He put together basically a solid half-season for us. That is a bright spot."

The Sabres sent Butler to Portland this week so he can take part in the American Hockey League playoffs. It's a chance to get a feel for postseason intensity since he is a first-year pro.

But he certainly doesn't play or act like a first-year guy. Peters mentioned Butler's maturity, and it is evident on the ice and in the dressing room. His chats are full of insight, whether he's talking about the overall negativity of mainstream media or what it's like to be on the ice with Teppo Numminen and Craig Rivet.

"If you look at my defense partners from this year, Craig Rivet just played his 800th game, Teppo has played over 1,000 games and is a potential Hall of Famer," Butler said. "The amount of things that I learned from them, the little things from just being around them, made me that much of a better player."

The even better news for Sabres fans is Butler feels he's nowhere close to his potential. He had two goals and four assists, numbers he's planning to boost.

"As you adjust and as you grow more and more confident and comfortable at this level, I think I can start to evolve into the kind of player that I want to be," Butler said. "I'm not even close to where I think I can be at this level. I think I can be more of a two-way defenseman. I think I can do a better job of picking spots and getting up in the rush, do a better job of blocking shots. The goal this summer is to get a lot stronger so I can handle guys down low a lot better.

"I don't know if it's my mind-set that has to change, but I think some games I kept things too simple. I would kind of make a pass and let other guys do the work, whereas I feel I can get up in the rush, I can make plays."

The Sabres are eager to see it. Ruff was impressed by Butler's ability to shake off bad games — he had back-to-back minus showings just once — and sees the University of Denver product growing into a top-pair defenseman.

"His mental makeup is very good for the game, so that overall was a good year for him," Ruff said. "He had a game here or there that he didn't like, but he was able to bounce back and put some games together that were very good for us, too. He's got the mobility for it. He's got the head for it, and he's got good work ethic."

He's also got the drive. He wants to ingrain himself with the Blue and Gold, not just be a guest in someone's home.

"I want to be here for all 82 games next year and make more of a difference instead of just kind of being a role player per se," Butler said. "I kind of look at it as what can I do better and how can I make us a more successful team next year?"

Future Pioneers Rally Around Students' Mascot

(above) Boone greets the fans at the DU lacrosse game at Invesco Field

Get your picture taken with Boone at any DU event and email us the photo. We'll post them ASAP.

Denver Post's Runs Boone Story

(above) Boone was featured in the Denver Post's today

The People's Mascot continued his inexorable march to win the hearts and minds of the Denver community with an article in the YourHub section of the Denver Post. Clarion Editor Arianna Ranahosseini penned the article that originally appeared in the DU student newspaper last week.

Check it out.

We Shall Overcome

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed:

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all mascots are created equal."

- Martin Luther King, Augest 28, 1963

The Comeback Kid: Boone Jumps Another 5%

At midnight the latest poll showed Boone making a second consecutive daily 5% gain in the Mascot Survey on the Clarion Website. The "Anti-Boone" percentage has dropped from 22% to 16% in the last two days.

Left for dead after the Chancellor's email in October, "The People's Mascot" is completing one of the greatest comebacks since Bobby Thompson's 1951 New York Giants won the National League Pennant.

LetsGoDU Pollsters believe that students are seeing that the new Mascot is not offensive and are switching their allegiance.

Boone Facebook Page Up To 2,063 Friends

(above) The Denver Boone Facebook Group has been Ground Zero for the Rebel Alliance

At last count Denver Boone has 2,063 "Friends" on Facebook. If you're a Facebook member, make sure you link up with Denver Boone ASAP.
Other Facebook Groups

Red Vest Golf Touney Benefits Student-Athletes

(above) DU's Red Vest Golf Tourney benefits 5th year student athletes

Boone Makes +5% Jump In Overnight Clarion Poll

At midnight the latest Clarion Poll results showed Boone widening his lead in the Mascot Survey on the Clarion Website. Boone made a startling 5% gain from the day before. Most of the increase came at the expense of the "Less Offensive Boone" Group.

LetsGoDU Pollsters believe that students are seeing that the new Mascot is not offensive and are switching their allegiance. Yesterday's Poll had Boone at 68%, Anti-Boone 21%, Less-Offensive Boone 10% & Ruckus 1%.

Former Avs Player Has Eye On Two DU Recruits

(left) DU recruits Paul Phillips and teammate Matt Donovan are being pursued by sports agents or "family advisors" as the NCAA likes to call them

From: Colorado Springs Gazette
by Jeff Johnson

Shjon Podein was in the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders locker room early this month, talking to a reporter. Podein, who spent 10 years as a high-energy forward in the NHL, is still in hockey these days but in a different capacity. He works as a player agent, or “family adviser,” since college bound hockey players are amateurs.

“It’s a fun way to stay in the game,” said Podein, 41, a Stanley Cup winner with the Colorado Avalanche. “You see the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Podein works for a company called Octagon that represents 150 athletes in all sports, according to its Web site.

Podein’s admitted he has an agent-to-be eye on Cedar Rapids RoughRiders players Paul Phillips and Matt Donovan.

Phillips likely will be an NHL draft pick this summer. Donovan was taken last year in the fourth round by the New York Islanders. Both defensemen will play next year for the University of Denver.

Podein was asked if he thought Phillips and Donovan would play in the NHL.

“Yeah, I think they’ll all get a taste of the pie,” he said. “How much? You never know. It’s such a long way off. It is a very hard road, and all these guys are a long way from it. But at the same time, their percentages of making it, I know their work ethics, I know their character, and that adds up to so much behind the scenes. Those kids have a much higher percentage of making it than a lot of other kids.”

Clarion & LetsGoDU Feature Boone Headers

Rebel Alliance - The more the Empire tightened its grip on the students & alumni, the harder the Alliance to Restore the Boone Mascot fought. Born shortly after the chancellor's transformation of the Old Republic into the New Order, the Rebel Alliance started as little more than a rag-tag group of freedom fighters woefully under-equipped to challenge an enemy as mighty as the DU Administration. The continued injustices of the Administration, however, brought many into the Rebellion's fold.
Thanks go out to our Photoshop Guru, Matt Bick and the boyz over at Envie Media for getting our header up so quickly.

Wrenn Stars As US Loses Heartbreaker To Russia

(Above) DU recruit William Wrenn scored two goals against the Russians last night

FARGO, N.D. – William Wrenn (Anchorage, Alaska) will join the University of Denver next season, but firmly stamped himself as a player of the future netting two goals on the power play last night. But the U.S. Men's National Under-18 Team dropped a 6-5 decision to Russia in its final preliminary round game at the 2009 International Ice Hockey Federation World Under-18 Championship. Team USA finished in second in Group B with a 3-0-0-1 record.

In the opening stanza, Team USA captain Wrenn gave his team the 1-0 advantage on the power play at 12:14 when he one-timed Cam Fowler's pass from the left point and into the upper-left corner. At the 5:00 mark Chris Brown collected DU recruit Jason Zucker's (Las Vegas, Nev.) rebound at the left side of the net, spun around and slid the puck through the legs of netminder Igor Bobkov. Another DU recruit, Adam Murray (Anchorage, Alaska) stopped all six shots he saw in first 20 minutes.

Just 1:17 into the second period, Russia drew within a goal when Evgeni Kuznetsov broke in on Murray and put a backhanded shot inside the left post. Russia tied it up when Vladimir Tarasenko slid a shot into the lower-right corner of the net at 6:40. Kirill Kabanov gave Russia the 3-2 lead when he poked in a rebound on the left side at 10:42. With Team USA on a man advantage at 14:37, Jerry D'Amigo chipped a pass to Morin who sniped a wrist shot into the upper right corner of the net to knot the score, 3-3.

Wrenn struck again on the power-play after he slid the puck five-hole from the left side of the crease 4:18 into the third period to regain the lead for Team USA. Russia tied it up when Tarasenko's backhanded chip got past Murray at 8:50. Just 1:42 later, Tarasenko added a shorthanded goal to give the Russians a 5-4 advantage. Maxim Kitsyn added a power-play goal at 16:11 to double the Russian advantage. With just 1:13 to play, Morin netted his second goal of the game after he took, Drew Shore's (another DU recruit) drop pass and wired a shot inside the left post. The goal proved to be extremely important, as it kept Team USA within one goal, thus keeping goal differential in the Americans' favor and securing second place in Group B over Russia.

Team USA will meet the Czech Republic on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the Urban Plains Center in a quarterfinal match-up.

NOTES: William Wrenn was named Team USA's Player of the Game ... Team USA out shot Russia 55-26 ... The U.S. netted four power-play goals ... All of Team USA's games, along with all games that are being played at the Urban Plains Center will be webcast live on on a pay-per-view basis ... The U.S. Men's National Under-18 Team has earned a medal in each of the last five IIHF World Under-18 Championships, including the gold (2005, 2006), silver (2004, 2007) and the bronze (2008). Team USA also captured the gold at the 2002 IIHF World Under-18 Championship.

Pick Up A Souvenir Copy Of Today's Clarion

(above) Its appears as though Denver Mayor Hickenlooper is looking up in wonder as Boone graces the Banner of the Clarion

(above) You have to love the three picture spread of the Student Mascot in the Clarion today

Today's DU Clarion student newspaper certainly deserves props for its photo spread of the new Student Mascot. The feature entitled "Welcome Back Boone" looks fantastic.

The battle over the former DU Mascot has raged for almost a year and Boone seemed destined for extinction after Chancellor Coombe issued his now famous "Boonacide Email" in October, 2008.
Coombe suggested that, "the Boone image of the 1970s was simply not reflective of either the DU or America of today, still less of the future. From this perspective, the old Boone figure is one that does not reflect the broad diversity of the DU community and is not an image that many of today's women, persons of color, international students and faculty, and others can easily relate to as defining the pioneering spirit. Certainly, this runs counter to our commitment to build a diverse and inclusive campus community as a fundamental element of excellence."
Last week a DU alumni group unveiled an updated mascot in Washington DC, much to the delight of thousands of school children from around the world.

On Saturday, the mascot attended a DU Women's Tennis Match, paraded around campus and received an overwhelmingly positive response at Invesco Field.

Denver Hockey Alumni Plan Hockey Reunion

The University of Denver Hockey Alumni Association will be busy all summer planning the biggest celebration of DU hockey ever. Players, coaches and support staff are being contacted to return Oct. 9-11, 2009.

The events will celebrate DU's 60th Anniversary of playing Division I hockey. The Pioneers hockey team will host Frozen Four semi-finalist the University of Vermont that weekend in Magness Arena.

The Denver Hockey Alumni Association website has all the details.

Chambers: "The Stars Are Aligned Next Season"

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post is already thinking about “next year” for the Pioneers. In his Blog this last week he looks ahead and sees enormous potential. Perhaps the best NCAA team he's ever covered.

We're not used to this kind of optimism from the "boy wonder" hockey beat writer, so check it out.

The People's Mascot: Let It Rock

Clarion Poll: Should Boone Return As Mascot?