#NewYearNewLook: We've Moved!

New, official logo of LetsGoDU
In September, when we officially relaunched LetsGoDU, we promised that we would be working toward a new, revamped, modern LetsGoDU. Over the past four months, we have worked extremely hard behind the scenes to fulfill that promise. Now, on New Year's Day, we can officially announce that we are moving to a brand new site:

In addition to moving to a new site and a new forum, thanks to Sasha Kandrach, we have created two new logos to accompany our transition. You can get a closer look at both of them on both our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We are extremely excited about this move. While the format that readers have become accustomed to has become familiar, over the past few months, it became clear that the tools we had at our disposal were a bit constricting. Further, we felt that LetsGoDU needed to be brought into the modern era of sports journalism (I use that term lightly). We will continue to bring you the same coverage that readers are used to. It will just be brought to you on a different website.

LetsGoDU is a recognizable brand in the college hockey world. Moving to a new, updated site will help us to extend the LetsGoDU name to all of college sports.

From now on, all posts will be posted on the new site. This is the final post on letsgodu.blogspot.com. If you had us bookmarked, be sure to update that bookmark to reflect the new domain.

We hope that you'll follow us over to our new home and that you're just as excited as we are about our new look. As always, we want to hear your feedback. If you think that something is missing, please reach out to us in either the comments or via email at letsgodu@gmail.com.

Go Pios!!

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