Gopher Goalie Gives Up Unbelievable Goal
(left) Minnesota sieve Jeff Frazee is tough to score against up close. But start dropping 120...150...180 foot bombs on him and watch the lamp light up like a Christmas Tree.

YouTube Video of Goal

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Top 10 Frazee Excuses for Missing the Save

1. Didn't think he could shoot that far.
2. I was screened by Lameraux.
3. I thought the defenseman waived me off.
4. I didn't have time to react.
5. My skate was untied.
6. Hey I'm just the backup goalie.
7. Campion was supposed to call a penalty.
8. Someone put a Long Island Iced Tea in my water bottle.
9. At least I didn't jump over it like that loser Bill Buckner.
10. No one can bend it like Bina.


du78 said...

It was the #1 play on ESPN's Top 10 on Saturday night.

Eric J. Burton said...

That is funny as hell. Champion was supposed to call a penalty. LOL. I knew you would enjoy the Goofers implosion also.

MeanEgirl said...

Awesome. =D