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#NewYearNewLook: We've Moved!

New, official logo of LetsGoDU
In September, when we officially relaunched LetsGoDU, we promised that we would be working toward a new, revamped, modern LetsGoDU. Over the past four months, we have worked extremely hard behind the scenes to fulfill that promise. Now, on New Year's Day, we can officially announce that we are moving to a brand new site:

In addition to moving to a new site and a new forum, thanks to Sasha Kandrach, we have created two new logos to accompany our transition. You can get a closer look at both of them on both our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We are extremely excited about this move. While the format that readers have become accustomed to has become familiar, over the past few months, it became clear that the tools we had at our disposal were a bit constricting. Further, we felt that LetsGoDU needed to be brought into the modern era of sports journalism (I use that term lightly). We will continue to bring you the same coverage that readers are used to. It will just be brought to you on a different website.

LetsGoDU is a recognizable brand in the college hockey world. Moving to a new, updated site will help us to extend the LetsGoDU name to all of college sports.

From now on, all posts will be posted on the new site. This is the final post on letsgodu.blogspot.com. If you had us bookmarked, be sure to update that bookmark to reflect the new domain.

We hope that you'll follow us over to our new home and that you're just as excited as we are about our new look. As always, we want to hear your feedback. If you think that something is missing, please reach out to us in either the comments or via email at letsgodu@gmail.com.

Go Pios!!

Football Wins Fuel Notre Dame Passion

With Notre Dame rolling into Denver for a pair of hockey games over New Years weekend, one thinks about their legion of fans and, especially, their football success. It wasn't that long ago that ND generated either nation-wide love or contempt. The contempt peaked in articles and blogs in 2012-2013 when searching Google for key words 'hate Notre Dame'.

Happy New Year from LetsGoDU

LetsGoDU is Moving for a Better Look...stay tuned

Lacrosse Remains Growing Niche Sport

A recent Lax Power article shows the exponential growth rate of lacrosse at the prep level. Lacrosse is growing faster, based on number of participants, than all other high school sports. Over the past 15 years, participation in high school lacrosse has gone up 159.3% for boys and 161.7% for girls. Lax Power provides data for high school sports offered (sponsorship) and the number of players (participants) for each prep sport.

Post Script: Big 12 May Alter WCC Landscape

One additional change facing the West Coast Conference is the potential loss of BYU. According to an article published yesterday in Sports Illustrated: Campus Crush, BYU, an independent football power and WCC member in all other sports, is the first choice of the Big 12 for expansion. Currently sitting with 10 football teams, the Big 12 needs two more football teams to create two divisions and a conference championship. The other two schools being considered are Cincinnati and Colorado State. As for BYU, the article states, "BYU has an increased desire to join the league (Big 12) because of the yawning perception gap between the Power Five (football schools) and everyone else. BYU realizes it won't be treated like Notre Dame as an independent, so this seems like the most logical move for both sides."

Sweden Jolts US Juniors 1-0

Following a thrilling win against Canada in game 1 of the U20 World Junior Championships in Helsinki, Finland, the US dropped their second game this morning to Sweden 1-0. The Swedish goaltender, Linus Soderstrom, turned back 46 shots from Team USA for the win. After 12 straight losses to the Americans over a 20 year span at the World Juniors, the Swedes caught the yanks napping with their only goal at 2:41 into the second period on a break-away, top shelf shot from Alex Nylader.

The US controlled play but could not beat Soderstrom, despite 6 power play opportunities.

Next up for the Team USA (1-1) are the Swiss (0-2) on Wednesday.

The West Coast Conference - Risk & Reward

Photo: Beach volleyball, the fastest growing NCAA sport

Imagine Pacific University rolling into Denver to play beach volleyball - the fastest-growing NCAA sport with 50 colleges and universities playing as of January 2015. Or picture DU cross country runners training over at Washington park, getting ready for the December NCAA championships. What about heading across I-25 to a refurbished South High Stadium to watch the Pios take on BYU in baseball or watch women's softball against San Francisco? On a sunny fall day, how about heading out to Cherry Creek to watch a women's collegiate rowing meet with BYU, Portland and Santa Clara?

US Schools Canada 4-2 in Round 1

In a battle of country hockey powers, US collegians made the difference in a 4-2 victory over team Canada in the U-20 World Juniors Championships, round 1,  in Helsinki, Finland.

Boston University's Colin White, Michigan's Zack Werenski  and Miami's Louis Belpedio scored one goal each. Austin Mathews was the only non-collegian US goal scorer. Mathews scored the final dagger in the third period.