Sunday, October 04, 2015

Crimson & Gold Specialty: Fried Pork Wings

The phrase "when pigs fly" is an adynaton—a figure of speech so hyperbolic that it describes an impossibility. But, of course, Crimson & Gold has done the impossible - a specialty - Pork Wings!!!
Not sure if you have ever seen pigs that can fly but pork wings fly off the plate at C&G!!!

LGDU to Reveal University of North Dakota Graphics

As North Dakota moves toward an election to select a new name for their athletic teams, LetsGoDU has received an exclusive 'sneak peak' of the graphics that will support the new team names. Over the next five days, we will release the graphics for each of the five proposed names, one each day.

ASU Makes History Saturday Night

Shortly before their game started last night, ASU tweeted the line-up sheet for their historic first night as a D1 program. They went on to beat Arizona, a local club foe, in Glendale, Arizona by a score of 8-1.

ASU's Historic First Night

Bad Boyz - Louisville Gets Caught with Their Pants Down

An escort hired by an assistant for the University of Louisville basketball team has written a tell all book. She claims to have received $10,000 from Andre McGee an assistant coach at the time. The 'professional' booster, Katina Powell, age 43, takes credit for the success of the team, She states in the book: “I felt like I was part of the recruitment team. A lot of them players went to Louisville because of me."

In the most surprising twist, it was noted that she provided her services, along with three of her daughters, to players and their dads. This explains the 'family feeling' around Louisville basketball.

Rick Pitino ($4.8 mil/yr.) stated, "I'm disheartened and disappointed."

Does this surprise anyone? 

Not really.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Puck Swami Presents: DU Basketball In-Depth

As part of his support of the Lets Go DU Blog, longtime DU sports fan Puck Swami will be providing his periodic in-depth analysis of DU sports. This first article focuses on the DU men’s basketball program.

DU basketball had its first practice this Saturday, October 2, and November will soon will find us cheering on DU Hoops Team #111 — over 100 years since the Pios' first season in 1904. Unlike most of the rest of America, DU basketball has long been a secondary winter sport here, as hockey has dominated the winters on campus since 1949. And while most of us love to see DU exploit our unique niche of hockey primacy on campus, plenty of us would also like to see DU basketball flourish as another outlet for Pioneer pride. For as great as DU hockey and lacrosse are, they are still regional sports in this country, played by 60 and 70 NCAA Division I schools, respectively. As men’s basketball is played by over 350 NCAA Division I schools, basketball has the potential to spread the DU brand to a truly national audience.

First off, it is fair to say that DU coach Joe Scott has done a lot of excellent work in his eight-year tenure as men’s basketball coach, navigating the Pios from the depths of the national rankings and navigating three different conferences. Scott took over one of the nation’s lowest-ranked D-I programs, when it was so downtrodden that the previous head coach, Terry Carroll, actually stopped showing up at his job half-way through the dreadful 4-win, 24-loss 2007 season under a “personal leave of absence.”

UNO Charts a Familiar Path

The University Nebraska Omaha recently completed a 4-year transition to D1, dropped football (2011), and built a new $75 million  dollar arena for their hockey and basketball teams. Sound familiar?

Realizing that they could not compete in their market with D1's Creighton and University of Nebraska as a DII program, they knew they had to step-up for the Omaha sports dollar. They are quickly becoming a natural geographic rival for DU in hockey and other sports, too.

They made the Frozen Four last season and they have beaten DU in basketball. While we look at UNO as a 'small market' compared to Denver, they have big plans. It would be no surprise if UNO joins other fierce DU rivals CC and UND.

UNO's athletic director is Trev Alberts. He played college football at Nebraska, professional football for the Colts, and worked Gameday broadcasts for ESPN. The athletic administration is following the same blueprint DU took in 1999 with a move to D1. A link below takes you to their story:

UNO - Work Has Just Begun

Crimson & Gold - DU's Super Pub Winner

A 10 spot and anyone can have fun at C&G's. If you have a twenty - call Uber!!!

Monday Game Night and Industry AppreciationStarts @ 7:30pm
$60 in Prizes, FREE shots for round Winners
$2 PBR cans, $2.50 Bud Light Drafts
$2 Mystery Shots

Trivia Tuesdays
Starts @ 7:30pm
$60 in Prizes, FREE shots for round Winners
$2 PBR cans, $2.50 Bud Light Drafts
$2 Mystery Shots

Women's Soccer - Clean Slate Brings New Hope

Could it happen? The unthinkable...the DU women's soccer team (0-8-1) goes on a tear and wins the Summit League? With the DU fall sports teams hitting on all cylinders, a young women's soccer team has no wins and one goal in nine games. No reason for hope? This is how it could happen...

  • Jeff Hooker is one of the best coaches in women's college soccer. His teams play a proven system, win games and get better during the season. 
  • The Pio defense is steady and getting better. During their eight losses, they are only giving up two goals per game. 
  • Read through the profiles of the Pioneer forwards. They have great credentials as state champs, league scoring championships, and team MVPs for their high schools and clubs. They have size and several veterans up-front. A couple of goals and who knows what that might do to their confidence.
  • Summit teams knock each other off and the Pioneers pull off some unexpected road wins and start to own CIBER field again. Historically, they have been very difficult to beat at home.

Crimson & Gold - LGDU Super Pub Winner

How did they get to be #1...Try 22 TV sets, $5.00 student lunches, & a Happy Hour (2-7 p.m.) with $3 Wells, $2.50 domestic beers, and $5.00 wines!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Mixed Results for a Packed Ritchie Center Complex

In a night full of promise with the student camp-out and the women's volleyball team sweeping South Dakota 3-0, the men's soccer team was stunned in front of a full house at CIBER Field. A breakaway goal by IUPUI in the second half and a missed penalty kick by the Pioneers led to a surprising 1-1 tie in overtime. The Pioneers controlled play but could not put the ball in the back of the net.

Crimson & Gold Wins LetsGoDU Super Pub Survey in Rout!

Victorious Co-Owner Lenny Wawrzyniak, wearing crimson of course, stands in front of The Crimson & Gold tavern. Chris Potter is the other partner. They have owned the bar for two years.

The Crimson & Gold Tavern wins Best DU Watering Hole - LetsGoDU Super Pub Survey!

They may not have a roof-top bar. They may not have the cheapest hard liquor. They may not have the best parking or the fanciest kitchen. But, when it comes to Pioneer Spirit(s), Crimson & Gold has the hearts of the Pioneer faithful. With 40% of total vote and doubling the nearest competitor's vote count, C&G is the place to go for parched Pioneers.

Optimism Rises at Magness

April 1st, 2013...It had to be an April Fools prank. George Gwozdecky fired after 19 years and two national championships along with a slew of 20 win seasons.

Fast forward to 2015 and season ticket sales are brisk. Students, fans, and alums feel a sense of optimism returning to University and Evans. We are embracing 'our hockey team'  again and appreciate Coach Monty. These guys are good - and accessible, too.

Mascot Ousted After Viking Shakedown

Apparently, there is more to the story of the mysterious disappearance of Ragnar, the Viking's mascot as reported in a prior LetsGoDU article. Prior to this NFL season, Joe Juranitich who played Ragnar was paid $1,500 per game. During the football preseason this season, he was demanding an increase in pay to $20,000 per game! The Vikings balked and the two sides are at an impasse.

As of this writing, Denver Boone could not be reached to comment on his pay status.

Fox Sports Article

Thursday, October 01, 2015

LetsGoDU Super Pub Survey - 24 Hours to Go!

Polls close Thursday at 5:00 P.M.. Cast your vote now for your favorite DU Watering Hole.
Vote Here

LetsGoDU will announce the winner prior to the DU hockey game vs. Calgary to start the 2015-2016 season. The winning bar will get a special feature in LetsGoDU and one week of free mention in LetsGoDU.

Geography Quiz: Know the Foe - Calgary

DU's first hockey foe this season is Calgary. Where is Calgary? Circle one
(Use of Wikipedia and/or Google not allowed)

Correct answers can be sent along with $7,950 for 5 credit hours to:
Colorado College
Office of the Registrar
Armstrong Hall
902 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80946