About LetsGoDU

LetsGoDU was the brainchild of DU hockey superfan, Damien Goddard. Created in 2008, LetsGoDU quickly became the the place for all things DU hockey. Over next 5 years, LGDU grew in its popularity and, along with Goddard, even gained some major local newspaper coverage. Unfortunately, in 2013, with the "banishment" of Boone, LetsGoDU ended its DU athletics coverage.

Thanks to Tim Thompson's effort, enthusiasm and passion for DU athletics, LetsGoDU was reborn in the summer of 2015 in a golden era of Denver athletics. LetsGoDU covers all DU sports while providing a unique perspective about what's going on within the walls of Ritchie Center.

LetsGoDU will always be totally biased towards DU, always believe that CC sucks, and foster productive and fun discussion about the University of Denver.

Go Pios!

So who's actually writing this stuff?

-Tim Thompson 

-Nick Tremaroli 

-Adam Hammerman 

-Sasha Kandrach 

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