What The Critics Are Saying About LetsGoDU

Drop The Puck (UAA Fan) - dg's improving, but its a still crude fishing expedition. An "article"? Thats funny. The BLOG world is just as full of gross mischaracterization as this board is. For dg to call that "post" an "article" is height of self-delusion. It might be called a snippet or a blurb but it in no way would be considered an "article".

Anonymous - You spelled Prpich wrong.

Anonymous - You single handedly bring down the level of class that I associate with the whole Denver program. When will you put up the Paraplegic all star team captained by Travis Roy, with Robby Bina as the team gofer?

byualum (DU Fan) - You've outdone yourself...quit raising the bar...

Dirty (UND Fan) - I swear, every time I come here, I find more factual errors. Worst Reporter Ever. The WJC is for players under the age of 20, not 21.

Anonymous - Scott is a senior. You are the worst investigative journalist since Bill O'Reilly on Hard Copy. Mistakes are abound. I think Ryan Potulny deserves some consideration for peeing on a car while drunk.

JS Tigers (CC Fan) - "dg, I am assuming that you got A's in any creative writing type of courses you may have taken. The "Lord of the Springs" on your blog is some of the finest work I have ever seen, my friend."

Scott Owens (CC Coach) - "That Blog is a disgrace. I sent in many anonymous complaints to the DU Athletic Department about that moronic Blog and nothing happened. Say....you're not going to quote me on this are you?"

du78 (DU fan) - Absolutely fabulous


Anonymous said...

Let’s Go DU is some of the finest journalism, in fact it’s on par with the WSJ. The investigative reporting should be the envy of all journalists in the free world. Keep up the great job. JCR

Donald said...

LOL. I forgot I said that.