Thursday, April 06, 2006

Curse of the Seawolf Unleashed

(Above) Minnesota Gophers hockey coach Don Lucia gazes to the heavens as the "Curse of the Seawolf" envelopes the entire Gopher Athletic Department

Don Lucia Almost Throws Down At Final Five


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Re: Minnesota Gophers Off-Season Thread

Actually, I do know why the team (Minnesota) went into the crapper.

During the Thursday Final Five play-in game UM Coach Don Lucia and Assistant John Hill were sitting a section over from me. Since I was in my Seawolf garb, a buddy of mine and I went over to the two of them and demanded an apology from Hill for leaving UAA.

Lucia took offense and said, "An apology for what? Living his own life?!"

I'm pretty sure Lucia was ready to throw down. Anyway, the famous "Curse of the Seawolf" was inadvertantly unleashed upon Lucia when he started getting lippy. The curse quickly trickled down and infected most of the team, hence I ruined the Gophers magical season. Seriously, it was unintentional.
I didn't even want to go talk to them, but my buddy offered me ten bucks to do it. He did most of the talking. I guess the collapse is actually HIS fault, and he calls himself a Gopher fan.

Besides, Hill was laughing and it was in good fun. I was there to say good job at a tough place to coach and Lucia got ready to go WWF. Actually caught me off guard.
Sorry, guys.

The "Curse of the Seawolf" Chronology

3/16 - Don Lucia goes "WWF" on "Minnesota born" Sioux fan in Seawolf Jersey. Exactly 15 years after the Seawolves upset Boston College in the NCAA Tournament.

3/17 - Minnesota loses 8-7 against SCSU in OT. This loss forces Gophers to play Wisconsin for #1 seed in NCAA Tourney.

3/18 - Minnesota loses 4-0 to Wisconsin in "meaningless" WCHA Third Place game forcing showdown with Holy Cross.

3/24 - Seawolf Curse kicks into high gear as Holy Cross pulls off biggest upset in college hockey history since UAA Seawolves upset BC in 1991. Holy Cross wins 4-3 in OT.

3/25 - Holy Cross must have caught the Curse from Minnesota during the game, because they fall to North Dakota

3/26 - Don Lucia attends Women's National Championship game and infects the Gophers Women's team. Don sneaks out of the game at the end of the 2nd Period with UM trailing 3-0. With Don out of the building, the Lady Gophers play much better but still lose 3-0. Wisconsin becomes the first program outside the state of Minnesota to win a National Championship.

3/29 - Ryan Potlny leaves Minnesota early to sign with the Flyers.

4/2 - Long time Seawolf Fan Drop the Puck is given the longest suspension in the history of, a two month suspension.

4/6 - Danny Irman leaves Minnesota early to sign with the Minnesota Wild. No word if Irman will infect the Wild with the Seawolf Curse.

4/6 - Ironic how the Curse goes "full circle." It was started by a UND fan in a Seawolves jersey. The North Dakota hockey team catches the Curse from Holy Cross, who caught it from the Gophers who were given it by their coach. North Dakota falls like a House of Cards to Boston College...Boston College loses the National Championship to Wisconsin.


Donald said...

Lucia drives a Volvo?

dggoddard said...

Don appreciates that every Volvo has been guided by concern for the safety and well-being of people. Like the University of Minnesota Hockey Program, Volvo's commitment to excellence grew into three core values: safety, quality and environmental care.

Today, Volvo has decisively moved to create a family of automobiles that advance an entire industry in safety, performance and design. Don likes that.

Pinhead Nation said...

I don't know what this "curse" thing is all about, but I do know that Pinhead Nation is not cursed. Because if we were, God would have made us really dumb and we would have had to attend BU instead.

God loves Pinhead Nation. There is no CURSE! Krys Kolanos says so. Tom Brady says so. Curt Schilling says so. Pinhead Nation says so. The Bruins don't exist. Believe it.