Saturday, December 16, 2006

DU 3 Goals: UAA 3 Goals: Final 4-2 DU

by Donald
UAA Hockey Fan Blog

UAA's understaffed offense only managed 1 goal on Friday night. As Ryan Dingle fired a low shot from high in the slot UAA goaltender Jon Olthuis got a bead on the puck and covered the low right side of the net. But halfway to the goal, backchecking UAA forward Merit Waldrop's attempt to block the shot resulted in a fat looping knuckle-puck over Olthuis right shoulder. That was the difference. Dingle gets credit for his 4th GWG of the year and Friday night's "80% Seawolves" were denied any points for a gutty performance. Defensemen Luke Beaverson added his 4th goal of the year and defenseman Mat Robinson tallied his 1st of the year to round out UAA's scoring.

This was the expected outcome but it certainly wasn't clear that DU would live up to that expectation until Tyler Ruegsegger added his 6th of the year with less than 2 minutes to play.

My overall impression of DU's play last night is thus: Much too deliberate. At the beginning of the game and at the beginning of each of the subsequent periods I thought the Pioneers played with some abandon and at a high pace. But as each period progressed DU seemed to become much more "careful". With 6 regular starters back in UAA's lineup Saturday night the Pioneers will have to put such deliberate play behind them if they hope to gain anymore than 2 points on the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Nick lowe score Beave got the first A. I watched the replay and they corrected it third period.