Linkages: Stocking Stuffers

I usually pick on UAF with the same sort of unrestrained alacrity that is apparent when DG attacks CC. I consider trash-talking to a rival is necessary. But when an opponent has got something as good as this link it would be a shame not to mention it. I envy nothing about the COAR (Craphole On A River) north of Anchorage with the single exception of Eric Carlson's association with quality photographer Paul McCarthy. Yah ... I can be nice. Don't get used to it though. UAA finishes it's yearly 4 game series with UAF on December 29th and 30th and I probably won't let the spirit of xmas affect my gnarliness with regard to them.

Back home on the UAA Hockey Fan Blog, DG managed to drive my blog statistics through the freakin roof by linking to his Santa Suspends Six Seawolves from this USCHO fan forum thread. An advantage that I clearly don't have since I was such a bad member of that virtual conglomeration.

Our little Blog Swap has attracted the attention of the fine folks at College Hockey News (my favorite national college hockey resource). So I imagine some of those roof-busting statistics can reasonably be attributed to them as well. Those guys are all banned from USCHO's fan forum too (and they used to work there)!?!? Speaking of stuffing ... USCHO's fan forum administrators certainly lead the world in the corn cob up the ass category.

Speaking of ass (which you can't say in the fan forum I won't mention anymore) ... something_something over at UNO's blog ... Crimson Issue can flat out write his ass off. I like style and he's got it in spades. And unlike LetsGoDU he has a link to my blog.

There's a crapload of blogs in Minnesota. Hammy's Gopher blog could be considered minimalist in terms of it's Gopher coverage with mostly just links to other sources and only occassional analysis and commentary. But there is a bunch of info about high school hockey and future Gophers. Last place Duluth has three blogs that I know of. RunningWiththeDog's being my favorite and this week she details Beargate. Radio-guy Bruce has his blog but wading through College Football info can be a bit cumbersome. The DECC is Stacked gets linked as his content has been much more hockey-centric this season. St. Bob has a media blogger ... blech. Journalists look down on bloggers. Over in Mankato, Chris from the Western College Hockey blog also writes for Maverick Hockey Nation. And then there's letsgomavs who has a regular Hot or Not feature which rates players on their looks. I won't say to much about that milieux (for fear that "Ms. Confrontational" will rate me) but I know how a man would be viewed if (lets say) he was blogging about women's basketball and regularly rated opponents on their looks.

There's only one blog in the state of Michigan that I read regularly. MeanEgirl has acquired a partner named Boosh to help keep the place filled up. If you haven't seen the YouTube videos of her apparent obsession with St. Bob's Casey Borer then click here for Part I and here for Part II.

I thought I was done with this Linkages but just realized I'd forgotten the sometimes irascible Goon who is on a video tear this week.


Suze said...

Thanks for the part II of MeanEgirls video!! What a hoot, can't wait to meet her.

dggoddard said...

Nice links. I especially liked Goon's "Saturday Night Video" Link.

I had links to almost every College Hockey Blogsite until two weeks ago when I was "tinkering" with LetsGoDU and accidentally erased them.

As for the UAA Fan Blog, obviously being the "Northernmost/Westernest" Blog in College Hockey fans wanted Santa Claus coverage since you are so close to the North Pole. I just tapped into pent up demand...

Donald said...

It's all good. Almost a thousand hits in one day? On my blog? Even the Heisenberg interview didn't pull numbers like that! I didn't hit a thousand in a month for the first few that I wrote.

dggoddard said...

It was a fun day on your site meter yesterday. I think we had 75 people on there at one point and it hovered around 30-50 virtually all day.

Blogging has three components...Writing, Marketing & Consistency. Consistency encompasses timely articles, keeping a regular schedule and quality work. UAA Fan Blog just needed a little marketing.

Donald said...

Best hit of the day was referee Brian Thul googling himself and finding his name on my blog.

du78 said...

Enjoying all your articles Donald. I deleted my previous comment because I na't spell.

Anonymous said...

It's me...letsgomavs..stupid blogger won't let me log in...

Donald--ME?!? Ms. Confrontational?!? No way!! You've got me pegged all wrong---uh, ok TOTALLY correct:)

You're right...I can get away with my "hot or not" because I'm a chick...just like I can talk smack to other fans (all in fun and not mean) and not get smacked up along side the head (though some day that may happen and I'm sure I'll deserve it). It's the perks to being a female hockey fan:)

I do more than "hot or not" too though...I'm just not into all the stats and stuff. Look at my newer post of my interview with Chris Clark. It's kick ass. That guy rocks!!

Also, what’s up with you computer geeks being able to tell how many hits you get and from where? Damn, I can’t even get blogger to post my comments half the time! I need to learn how to be a computer geek:)

Donald said...

DG and I both use the same product to count hits. It's called sitemeter. Google it. On their page you'll find the necessary "code" to use. If you go to Blogger help you'll find the necessary info to put the sitemeter into your template.

Lastly, as to your content ... "To each his (or her) own".