5 questions for Glenn Fisher and Peter Mannino

From: Rocky Mountain News
by Pat Rooney

1 Who was your biggest coaching influence before DU?

Fisher: When I was younger, I had one coach who coached me for four years in a row, Dan Hauchenburg. He was great with kids and really helped me and the guys on that team love the game.

Mannino: I really can't pinpoint one person. I just have to thank all of them in general because at some point in my life there was always something a coach said that rubbed off on me, whether it was in juniors or when I just started out in pee-wees. I think they all had some kind of influence in my career.

2 Who is the guy on the team no one wants to sit next to on flights?

Fisher: (Matt) Glasser. He twitches while he's sleeping.

Mannino: Either (Geoff) Paukovich or (Tyler) Ruegsegger. They're scared of flying, so they're kind of grabbing your hand and stuff like that. It gets a little scary.

3 Do you have a pregame ritual?

Fisher: I do the same thing every day. I take my nap at the same time, eat the same amount of food and wear the same thing when things are going well.

Mannino: It's a pretty repetitive schedule. Pregame skate. Pregame meal. I get about an hour and 15-minute nap. Then I get up and find the right shirt-and-tie combo for the night. It's a little detailed to get into.

4 What's your favorite sports movie?

Fisher: Tin Cup.

Mannino: I guess Miracle because it's a hockey movie, but there are a lot of good football movies.

5 What's the toughest venue in college hockey?

Fisher: Maine.

Mannino: Either Minnesota or Maine. I'll say it's Minnesota because it's the WCHA.


Anonymous said...

paukovich likes to injure people

dggoddard said...

Robbie Bina article in the Pioneer Press today always brings a little North Dakota traffic to the blog.

MeanEgirl said...

Pauk is scared of flying? And Ruegsegger too?! Those guys should be used to it! But in any case, I completely sympathize with them and know how they feel.

Anonymous said...

im from minnesota not north dakota