Beat The Gophers Week
Dont'cha Wish You Witnessed This ESPN Classic Moment?

Jack Johnson the #3 overall pick in the 2005 NHL Draft (and current Michigan defenseman) was interviewed the Detroit Sports Rag. This unbelievable story popped up in the interview...
Your friendship with first overall pick Sidney Crosby has been well-documented since your days as teammates at Shattuck St. Mary's. What was it like to play with him, and will he live up to his expectations in Pittsburgh?
Sid is the best player that I have ever played with or against. We hit it off right away during our first year at Shattuck. The whole chemistry of the team was so great; it was just like an immediate click.
One of my favorite Sid stories is the time that Phil Kessel's mom went right down to the glass and started heckling him before a face-off in the opponents' zone. She was calling Sid every nasty name in the book and telling him that he was overrated. Typically, Sid would win the face-off and set me up for a slap shot near the blueline. Not this time. Sid went up to me and said that he was going to win the face-off and take the puck himself and score. I just nodded my head.
Sure enough, the puck drops and Sid grabs possession. Within 2 seconds, the red light goes off and all Sid does is tip his hat to Mrs. Kessel. Just a classic Sid Crosby moment.


Anonymous said...

That is friggin awesome. Granted Phil has talent, but his mom has nothing on Tina Berkhoel.

Goon said...

It sounds like Phil isn't the problem is the mother. Hockey parents can be asses.