DU's NCAA Situation
For Denver fans who are interested in the various NCAA playoff scenario's I asked some of our resident "USCHO Bracketologists" for an update on DU's situation. Specifically I was looking for some answers to the following questions.

  • DU looks to be pretty solid in relation to the four teams directly behind them. St Lawrence, Michigan State, UMass & CC. Short of one of those teams winning their conference what are the chances that they could be caught by one of those four?
  • What would happen to DU's RPI if they lost to Wisconsin in either two or three games?
  • Would DU's best chance of getting in be losing to Wisconsin rather than risking losing to CC in the Play-In Game?
  • Could DU be knocked out of the Tournament if they beat Wisconsin two games to one, won the Play-in game over whomever and then lost to Minnesota and either UND or SCSU in the consolation game?

Here's what"pro1disp" came up with...

If home teams/higher seeds win every game (this won't happen) this weekend, here is the breakdown:

1 Minnesota (WCHA) 23
2 Notre Dame (CCHA) 23
3 St Cloud (WCHA) 22
4 Clarkson (ECAC) 21
5 New Hampshire (HE) 20
6 Boston Univ (HE) 20
7 Boston Coll (HE) 18
8 North Dakota (WCHA) 16
9 Michigan (CCHA) 15
10 Miami (CCHA) 15
[B]11 Denver U (WCHA) 15[/B] [I](if DU won Fri. & Sat.)[/I]
12 Mass-Amherst (HE) 14
13 Mich State (CCHA) 11
14 St Lawrence (ECAC) 10

---- Would not make the NCAA Tournament -----

15 Maine (HE) 10
16 CO College (WCHA) 10

To answer the Denver question, if there is a loss to Wisconsin thrown in, nothing changes (at this point).

If Denver wins the weekend series and then loses to CC it looks like it would take a couple of upsets in Hockey East (UMass) and CCHA (Michigan State) OR a series of conference upsets to knock Denver out.

If Denver were to lose 2 of 3 games to Bucky, they would be sitting at 13th, behind both Michigan State and UMass and just ahead of Maine and CC. If CC then defeated Wisconsin in the play-in game, Denver would fall to 15th and be eliminated, behind CC and Maine .

So as long as Denver takes care of business this weekend, they should be in (all things being equal...which they won't ).


du78 said...

So basicaly I get out of this DU controls their own destiny and by beating the Badgers they pretty much become a mortal lock for the tourney. By losing to the Badgers they are in a similar situation as last year and probably don't make the tourney.

This is the most important series of the year if DU wants to be in their own regional and have a shot at the NCAA title.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pressure! This is a young sporadic team that can't seem to win two straight. There last sweep was Niagara. The power play is at it's worst when it needs to be at it's best-something like 1 for 23 in the last two weekends. The defense looked like it did early in the season last weekend. Even if they can get past the Badgers you can't put too much hope in them getting past the first seed in the first round. Lots of talent and not enough experience. Friday night against CC was very painful to watch. I hope they can make it in because the experience for the freshman would be very good to have for next year. I give them lots of credit for making the amazing comeback Saturday--Can you imagine how CC feels--they had the tourney locked and know they are on the fringe and need us to screw up (which makes me wicked nervous!)Dingle needs to find the net in a major way--if he could do that like he was in late fall--then we might be on to something!

dggoddard said...


You're right it looks grim, but we've followed them all season and its too late to get off the bandwagon.

The only thing that gives me hope is that maybe we're a team thats built for the playoffs and our defense will revert back to midseason form.

North Dakota stumbled into the playoffs last season like a drunken sailor and made the Frozen Four.