CHN Looks At DU's Tournament Prospects

From: College Hockey News
by Adam Woden

College Hockey News ran an article on the various Pairwise scenarios that determine which teams get invited to the NCAA Tournament. The general consensus is that DU is not a lock to end up in the Colorado Springs Regional unless they can secure a #1 seed.
"Colorado College hosting the West Regional in their home arena, so you know where they're going to be. That it will be as the No. 1 seed is looking increasingly likely. Depending on where things fall, Denver could line up in that bracket as well. The committee, judging by recent experience, would not put Denver in that bracket just because it wants to boost attendance. First of all, CC will take care of that enough. But second of all, the committee just doesn't worry about that anymore. So it would only happen if CC is No. 3 and Denver No. 6, or 2-7, or 4-5, etc... HOWEVER, if CC drops and Denver is a No. 1 seed, then most likely, Denver would be the No. 1 seed in the West Regional. And since CC HAS to be in the West Regional, those two would end up in the same bracket after all." (read the rest of the article)


Twister said...

I would love to see DU in the West Regional, just for the sake of proximity, but my far bigger goal is to see these guys build on last weekend and finish the season strong and earn a shot in the tourney.

Thomas, Mannino, May and the other seniors have been there would be great for them to get a shot at another title. And it would be great to see guys like Butler, Testuwide, Mullen, those juniors who have given a lot to the program.....and the super sophomores, and the freshmen.....all of the players who haven't been in a title would be nice to see all of them get a chance.

dggoddard said...

The players control their own destiny. If they win out, they will be a #1 seed and have shot at the title.

If they stumble a few times down the stretch they will most likely be in a "nasty" bracket with Michigan, Miami, UNH or North Dakota.