UAA Are Much Better Saturday Night Road Team

(left) UAA are the WCHA road warriors

One of the harsh realities of playing in the WCHA for the University of Alaska Anchorage is the brutal travel schedule. A direct flight from Anchorage to Denver takes 5 hours. That's the same time for a flight from Los Angeles to NYC. If UAA has to connect through Seattle the trip can become an 11 hour ordeal and that's if everything goes on time.

UAA has never had a winning record since they've joined the WCHA in 1993 and their road record has been even more dismal. However, they have traditionally played much better on Saturday nights on the road.

Twice UAA had defeated DU in Magness Arena in recent years and both victories were on Saturday nights. UAA is 2-1-0 in their last three Saturday night games in Magness Arena.

Over the past five seasons UAA has posted the following records on the road.

Friday: 1-6-1
Saturday: 2-4-2

Friday: 3-4-1
Saturday: 1-6-1

Friday: 0-8-1
Saturday: 1-6-2*

Friday: 1-8-2
Saturday: 5-4-2

Friday: 2-7-0
Saturday: 2-5-2*

* Road Victories over DU in Magness Arena


du78 said...

According to Gwoz, tonight is a must win for DU. He has been emphasizing all week the fact that if DU had one more win at anytime last season they would have gotten an NCAA bid and a #2 seed.

dggoddard said...

Classic "trap game" for DU.

A key win last night and with DU returning two key players tonight you'd have to like DU's chances.

achsdu17 said...

I found the perfect motivator for DU. It solves the problem with the teams taking runs at Mannino, it shows them how to be aggressive, and it shows how to strike fear into the opposing teams hearts.