DU Gets Hosed By Selection Committee

DU will play Wisconsin in the first round of the NCAA playoffs in Madison. They will play on Saturday at 4:30 PM MST.
USCHO Printable Bracket with dates and times. (Adobe format)

Albany (East)
No. 1 Michigan
No. 2 St. Cloud State
No. 3 Clarkson
No. 4 Niagara

Colorado Springs (West)
No. 1 New Hampshire
No. 2 Colorado College
No. 3 Michigan State
No. 4 Notre Dame

Madison (Midwest)
No. 1 North Dakota
No. 2 Denver
No. 3 Wisconsin
No. 4 Princeton

Worcester (Northeast)
No. 1 Miami
No. 2 Boston College
No. 3 Minnesota
No. 4 Air Force


babydubaby said...

wow, du season will be over...

hosed?? hahahahahah, you are a 2 seed, not a 1 seed.


frozen 4..............

TigerPride said...

Have fun with the "next" round of the WCHA Tournament! Oh and I like the new banner, looks similar to the one I'm working on for after the season

puck swami said...

Hosed is correct.

After years of sending top seeds to difficult places (like top seeded DU in 2002 going to Yost) now the committe is all about protecting the top seeds. Even college hockey news is saying that DU got the short end of the straw this year as a result.

That said, DU would have to play good teams like these sooner or later, and given DU's performances in Kohl Center vs UW and the most recent win over UND in St. Paul, I think those teams will be just as worried about DU as DU is worried about them...

Petra said...

Hmm... I'm not so sure this is such a bad things for DU, really. The BADgers should not be a problem for your team at this point. Not even at home. And if you hope for UND to take Princeton out, you have good chances of playing in front of something close to a home crowd. UND is not very much liked over in Madison, and you'll have a sea of bright red cheering for you if you play UND on Saturday. Good Luck!!

siouxme said...

the badger fans dont copme close to hating the sioux like the gophers so you are wrong there pallywacker, it will be du and sioux. sioux winning..........if uw isnt in the next game nobody will show. they dont give a rip if uw isnt in, this isnt st paul. sioux kick ass

Anonymous said...

I don't think DU was jipped at all, unless DU was expecting to be in Michigan's shoes. To me, every regional looks tough with the exception of Michigan. They have the only cakewalk, unless St. Cloud decides to show up. I hope St. Cloud realizes they represent the WCHA and it is their duty to show up. Otherwise, put Mankato in there since they have heart. Go WCHA!

HoosierPioneer said...

Mankato deserved to be in more than Wisconsin, save for a small discrepancy (like .0027) in the RPI

Anonymous said...

I guess we can admire CC fans for their brazenness if not for anything else. Doing well in conference playoffs creates the right kind of momentum to go deep into the playoffs. Given the Tigers' time-honored, and still very alive tradition of choking in the WCHA playoffs, if I were a CC fan *shudder*, I would be more concerned about getting through the first two rounds without embarrassing myself on home ice.

Here's to the conference, though, on getting a record six teams into the post season! Is the world ready for another all-WCHA Frozen Four? I think DU would feel pretty good about that given the circumstances...

achsdu17 said...

Well Denver will have their hands full this upcoming week. I'm expecting Wisconsin to put up a strong fight and DU has to answer the call. After that we'll have another rematch but this time for a spot in the Frozen Four against North Dakota.

By the way New Hampshire is taking the West. CC is a pathetic excuse for a hockey team has always sucked at playoff hockey for 50 years. Get a life CC and know your place! In fact I'm in the middle of designing making a banner specially for all of you down at the Springs. You can start clearing a spot for another pointless space filler down at the World.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how DU really got screwed here. They're rated tied for 6th in the Pairwise, and lose the tiebreaker to BC. So, they're really the 7th team. They should be playing the #2 team. Instead they're playing #3. The #7 team should be playing the #10 team. Even if we treat DU as the #6 team since they're paired with the #3 team, they should be playing #11. Instead, they get #12. And that #12 team is a sub-.500 team that skated in on a Pairwise technicality. Sure, playing in Madison is far from ideal when your 1st round foe is Wisconsin, but would you really rather play Minnesota? Or Michigan State? You have the easiest possible opponent a #2 seed has probably ever had. CC should be the ones feeling robbed, since they should have faced the #12 team, and somehow ended up with the #9 team.

Anonymous said...

I'm no genius, and certainly don't understand all of what makes up the PWR, but can someone explain how the Badgers are awarded a spot in this playoffs? At last count there are something like 60 I-A hockey teams. We're supposed to believe that with a below .500 record the Badgers are one of the 16 most deserving??? Nothing against Wisc, but if that's not bogus I don't know what is. Someone please enlighten me??

puck swami said...

Sorry, but DU's draw is far, far tougher. Seeds mean nothing once the puck drops - it's one and done and a hot goalie can finish any team in the tourney.

CC is on home ice and should have no problems at all with Michigan State, who can't skate with CC on the big ice. UNH won't be easy, but CC is still playing at home, and UNH has a long history of gagging up regionals as a top seed. CC should advance.

Wisconsin, may be struggling, but they are a WCHA team, playing at home in Madison with 12,000 - 15,000 fans and in a one-game format, can beat anyone.They know DU inside and out, with the always difficult rival North Dakota Sioux waiting in the wings should DU be able to get by UW. If DU can survive this regional, I like their chances at the Pepsi Center.

achsdu17 said...

Same... if DU somehow makes it out of their regional I say they are the team to beat in the Frozen Four.

I wonder if Wisconsin is till pissed about that fluky win we got.

The Midwest regional is going to be one hell of a knock down drag out street fight.

Anonymous said...

those are some brazen comments from CC fans considering their time honored and still current tradition of choking in the WCHA playoffs. methinks they should be more concerned about getting past the first two rounds without being embarrassed on home ice.

FIveHoleFrenzy said...

DU is playing very well right now so in that regard they should be fine. The thing that might be a concern is that Wisconsin has motivation for the Schmidt fiasco earlier in the year and they have had a little break to rest up.

The fact that Wisconsin has a losing record is a bit deceiving in that the WCHA was a tough league from top to bottom. So deserving or not, with the home crowd advantage, Wisconsin will be a challenging opponent.

Donald Dunlop said...

Having not played since forever ago is a problem for Wisconsin ... not an advantage of rest.

The Kohl center might seat a lot of folks but I don't think history would bear out that it's that difficult of a place for visiting teams to play. I know that UAA has always had relative success in Madison (both in regular season and playoffs).

I suppose it's a nice "pre-excuse" to have in case your team loses but the reality is likely a 1-0 or 2-1 victory for one team or the other and who's ice the game is being played on will have little or nothing to do with which team wins.

Twister said...

This is indeed a tough draw for DU. Wisconsin gets a home game as a 3 seed, and DU will again have to deal with a very hostile crowd. The Badgers will be a major test.

However, I think this team is ready for all challenges. 4 weeks ago they looked to be on life support, and now they are playing with as much confidence as anyone in the country. Winning the Broadmoor means they are battle-tested and have very recently succeeded in intense and high pressure games--this bodes well for a championship run.