Saturday NCAA Scores

Midwest Regional

#1UND 5 #4Princeton 1 Final

#3Wisconsin 6 #2DU 2 Final (1ENG)

Wisconsin vs. UND tomorrow

Northeast Regional

#1Miami 3 #4AFA 2 Final OT

#2BC 5 #3Minnesota 2 Final (1 ENG)

BC vs. Miami tomorrow

East Regional

#1Michigan 2 #3Clarkson 0 Final

#1Michigan going to Frozen Four

West Regional

#3MSU 1 #4Notre Dame 3 Final

#4Notre Dame going to Frozen Four

Thank you Seniors Peter Mannino, Andy Thomas, Tom May and Zach Blom for your four years at DU and the 2005 NCAA Championship.

LetsGoDU would like to wish good luck to North Dakota in the NCAA Frozen Four.


ticklethetwine said...

To bad for DU fans. Guess that Broadmoore Trophy means a lot right about now.

I was hoping the sioux would have had another chance at you guys.

Wisconsin must be playing some good hockey right now.

I can't believe no Colorado school will be in the Final Four. That is crazy. Happy Golfing.

Anonymous said...

good season du...i also would like to ask what you du fans think of UND's chances against UW?? thanks

Anonymous said...

Good season DU. I wouldn't say Wisconsin had more speed overall, but in key situations their fresh legs were the difference. Where did all of these Wisconsin goals come from? The place will be rocking tomorrow. ND just has to find a way to win...ugly, pretty, does not matter.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the support a UND fan i have to say im sad that the wcha didnt do better. i found myself rooting for minny. i hate them. i hate bc more. hopefully the wcha can prevail. its cool to see how well the fans of all the wcha powerhouses can come together at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I can't seem to agree with supporting any team just because they are from the WCHA. I'm a supporter of GREAT hockey, so go Badgers! Rough season for them, but at least they play respectably.

Thank you seniors for some GREAT hockey over the years including a championship. I can't wait to see the team next year!

Anonymous said... and any other Sioux fans who are somehow "sorry" that DU lost are full of BS. Sioux fans are jumping for joy that DU lost. You know damn well that DU's recent playoff history against UND is stellar. The Sioux want no part of Denver in the postseason

The Broadmoor is a hell of an accomplishment. Good luck against a fired up Badger team.

HoosierPioneer said...

I gotta find myself pulling for the unlikely Irish right now. My best friends go to ND, and MagnessMan was kind enough to offer me a ticket to the regional final tonight, and they played really smart hockey. World Arena was pretty empty and it was pretty awesome. Bummer for no CO teams to play in Denver.

ticklethetwine said...

Anononymous poster,

We would have loved a rematch of DU. I think your memory is serving you wrong. UND owned Denver all season long. What was it 3 out of 4 meetings the sioux won. During the Final Five, Denver was just bound and determined to beat the sioux at least once more this season. I would have loved to play Denver. If Bucky wins today then he wins. The sioux are not going to let them just walk into the final four though.

Anonymous said... are correct about the Sioux having success against DU....regular season. My point was more about playoffs. Whether WCHA, national tournament, DU has had success against UND. Regardless, you get to play another game and we don't. Good luck.