Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CSU D-1 Hockey Movement Making Progress

Sign The Petition

Colorado State University alum Brett Tatman has made progress in his quest to bring NCAA Division I hockey to his alma mater. Over 850 people have signed the Petition that will be presented to the powers that be at CSU.

Today Tatman will meet with CSU's AD Paul Kowalczyk and Associate AD Mike LaPlante. Let's hope CSU doesn't put the kibosh on "The Movement."

Tateman's Website includes several interesting features including a timeline of his progress, a section to sign the Petition, links to pertinent websites and a message board. Check out the site.

Included below is the Timeline. We've highlighted several points of interest.

- Petition created.
07/31/08 - First Day of Petition - 200 signatures and counting. Keep it going.
07/31/08 - I will be meeting with the Athletic Director at CSU in the next 2 weeks.
08/01/08 - 380 signatures and counting. Keep forwarding this web address to everyone.
08/03/08 - Had a complaint about throwing Nebraska under the bus, so changed homepage.
08/03/08 - A big thanks to NCYH and Mountain States Youth Hockey for their help.
08/04/08 - 527 signatures and counting. Talked with CSU's Associate AD. Open to the idea.
08/05/08 - A thanks to Jamie O'Leary for getting the petition to Highland Hills, Boulder, YMCA
08/06/08 - 621 signatures so far. Thanks to Joel Cantalamessa at RamNation for the help.
08/07/08 - Meeting with Paul Kowalczyk (AD) and Mike LaPlante (Assoc. AD) on Tues. the 19th.
08/12/08 - 700 signatures and counting.
08/13/08 - Coloradoan will be doing an article on the petition. Either tomorrow or Friday.
08/13/08 - Thanks to Denise and Tara at Citizen Print for the logo design.
08/15/08 - Read the article in the Coloradoan here.
08/15/08 - 789 signatures. Big props to Sean Duff at the Coloradoan for the article.
08/15/08 - Set up meeting with David Tenzer (Director of Hockey Operations at Denver Univ.)
08/15/08 - Contacted by Frank Anzalone (ex D1 and pro coach). Interested in helping.
08/17/08 - 847 signatures.
08/18/08 - A big thanks to Damien Goddard at LetsGoDU Blog. Thanks for the leads.
08/18/08 - DU Head Coach George Gwozdecky signs the petition.
08/18/08 - Colorado Hockey Insider will be running a piece in their Sept. Issue.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time to take a serious look at a D1 league that would include western & southwestern teams. You could realistically have a 10-12 team league. If CSU & U of C would adopt D1 programs and if AirForce was brought into a league this would provide 5 intra-state teams here in CO. including DU & CC ASU and U of A in Arizona would likely participate, perhaps 1-2 of the Utah schools, U of Washington, Wash. State in Wash., Oregon & Oregon State in Oregon. USC, UCLA, etc. would also likely be interested and there is plenty of talent in the Cali pipeline.

dggoddard said...

The problem is Title IX and matching the number of female to male scholarships. Also, most of the schools mentioned make a fortune on football & basketball, so why upset the apple cart by adding a sport like hockey.

The hope is that a school like CSU could come into D-1, make a profit for the Athletic Department and be a model for future D-1 programs.

CSU is intriguing because a beautiful $30 million arena already exists.

Needless to say adding any programs from Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Cali, Arizona or Washington would be awesome, but unfortunately unlikely.