Friday, August 15, 2008

DU Cheer Team Kicks Ass At Camp

(above) Hope the DU cheerleaders are taking skating lessons this summer

From: DU Athletics Website

The University of Denver Cheer Team attended its first Universal Cheerleading Association camp in Santa Barbara, Calif., August 8-10.

DU's collegiate cheer team is relatively new to the University at this capacity and continues to build its program.

The camp was comprised of private and state colleges and universities throughout the county. Over 750 cheerleaders attended.

The Denver Cheer Team placed in both competitions for their division. However, the biggest & proudest accomplishment came at the conclusion of camp when the team was awarded the 2008 All Camp Leadership Award and the team most others would want to be a part of.

DU's cheer team exemplifies character, leadership, support and overall spirit.


Anonymous said...

so why can't we have them perform at the hockey games...and what happened to the Pep Band...if North Dakota can have cheerleaders we should have them also

dggoddard said...

Good questions.

We demand answers from the higher ups in the Athletic Department. :-)

Anonymous said...

No doubt some babes cheering and a good pep band would add to the atmosphere at Magness. That place is way too quiet sometimes.

puck swami said...

The reason is that both the cheer and pep band squads are tiny, and since hoops (m and w) both have much worse home game atmposphere than hockey does, DU decided to put them there to drum up hoops atmosphere. Adding 20 or 25 more home hockey games to their schedule would be over-extending them. I think you'll see more of them in the future in hockey if they can make both band and cheer squads larger in numbers...