Republicans Play The "Hockey Mom" Card

(above) America's most famous Hockey Mom

Senator John McCain astonished the political world on Friday by naming Sarah Palin, a little-known governor of Alaska and self-described “Hockey Mom” as his running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.

If the Clinton's rode the backs of Soccer Moms to the White House, what other differences are there between Hockey Moms and Soccer Moms?
LetsGoDU's Soccer Mom vs. Hockey Mom Comparison

Soccer Mom: Democrat
Hockey Mom: Republican

Soccer Mom: Drives mini-van
Hockey Mom: SUV with 250,000 miles on it driving to tournaments

Soccer Mom: Spends $200 per year on youth sports
Hockey Mom: Spends $10,000 per year on youth sports

Soccer Mom: Barely watches game while gabbing with the gals about tomorrow's Mahjong get-together
Hockey Mom: Yells at ref and intimidates opposing players

Soccer Mom: Fools around with tennis pro at country club
Hockey Mom: Sleeps with kid's hockey coach to get son on #1 Power Play unit

Soccer Mom: Has white collar career at Honeywell
Hockey Mom: Has second job to help pay for Power Skating Camp in Summer

Soccer Mom: Hosts bake sale to raise money for team
Hockey Mom: Billets three extra kids to help pay second mortgage

Soccer Mom: Reads Vanity Fair in spare time
Hockey Mom: Has Blog, MySpace Page & Hockey's Future Message Board Thread about her hockey playing kid to attract scouts attention


Anonymous said...

I like this hockey mom!

Goon said...

As a republican I am really excited about this woman, she isn't just a pretty face she is everthing I want from a politician. She has an 80% approval rating in the great state of Alaska.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaahaha, great!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was their backs that Clinton was concerned about getting a ride on.

Anonymous said...

Ditto goon This is a darn good hockeymom. Everyone knows how hard they work. You gotta love it.

Anonymous said... for Republicans Hockey Stuff

Anonymous said...

When I listen to politicians I pay attention to the way the communicate to people. If Sarah keeps communicating the way she is, she will go along way in this world.
Hope this keeps having a positive impact on this great sport.

dggoddard said...

Hockey hasn't seen this much coverage in the mainstream media since the Miracle On Ice.

Anonymous said...

Miracle on Ice sounds like a great show. Where can I find the tour dates and who is skating for Jesus?

Anonymous said...

The part of the skating Jesus Christ Superstar will be played by Joe Colborne.