Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DSC Needs Your Help To Secure Lacrosse NCAAs

(above) The Denver Sports Commission needs your help to help bring the NCAA Lacrosse Championships to Denver in 2010, 2011 or 2012

The Denver Sports Commission, after a successfully hosting the Frozen Four and recently being named the host for the 2012 Women's Hoops Final Four, are now a finalist to host the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championships. They contacted LetsGoDU to solicit our readers to help write messages to the NCAA. They must of heard about our successful email campaign to Bring Back Boone. :-)

Denver is a finalist to host the 2010, 2011, or 2012 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships. The bid team is headed to make the final presentation on December 11 in Baltimore and they want to bring the support of the Denver/Colorado/Western US Lacrosse Community.

The Denver Sports Commission is looking to bring over 1000 messages from our community to the NCAA Committee during their presentation. They want to know why LetsGoDU readers think the championships should be in Denver and that they have our support. Go to their website to leave a message and tell the NCAA what bringing their championship to Denver will personally mean to you (Write "DU Lacrosse Fan" for "Lacrosse Club")

Showing that they have the support of the DU Community is an important aspect of their pitch to the NCAA; please take a few moments to fill out the form online.

Thanks for helping to bring the NCAA Lacrosse Championships to Denver!!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing here but the vast majority of lax fans hail from the East coast and in the past the NCAA Finals venues have been at most a six hour drive for that population. Denver on the other hand is a three hour flight. Denver might get 40,000 fans at the final if the Denver Outlaws subsidize ticket sales like theydid for the MLL.

tt said...

Anon - Most lax fans are definitely on the east coast, but many like the idea of expanding the scope of their game farther to the west.

However; I'm basing this on message board/website chatter from over a year ago when the DSC first put in their bid.

With the LAX Championships being in the springtime - the draw of our skiing combined with the tournament may bring some of those Right Coasties out this way. I have a feeling many fans of programs like Syracuse and other serious teams will have little problem following their guys out to the Mile High City.

Anonymous said...

lax fans are like Deadheads. Unfortunately the economy ain't helping the cause. I'll be there regardless. Good luck DU. I saw you guys in Chicago last year. Very respectable program

I will add that I was in Denver this summer and the downtown was impressive compared to the last time I was there...more than 25 years ago.