Saturday, November 22, 2008

DU Soccer Loses To UC-Davis In NCAA Tourney


Anonymous said...

Time to take these programs to the next level. Every single year, they bum along the crappy conference with a good record, only to get blown out in the first round of the tournament / playoffs. See W and M Soccer, Volleyball, Lax ..

dggoddard said...

I think you're right, but they are making strides.

The new soccer stadium is going to help recruiting. Womens Lax has virtually everybody coming back, so if they don't break through this year they never will.

We still have skiing and until last night hockey. :-)

It took Gwoz 10 years to get past the 2nd round of the NCAA's, so we need to give our coaches some time. College athletics is 80% coaching/recruiting. As so as we land premier recruits we'll start making strides in the tourney.

puck swami said...

For DU with only 10 years at the D-I level to be consistently landing teams in the NCAAs is excellent. Only the top 10-20 % of teams even make the NCAAs, so it's coming. Give it time.

Getting the new stadium and having night games is going to be a huge boost for the soccer program, as attendance will likely triple and recruits are going choose us.

This was the first men's soccer NCAA appearance since 1970, and DU had the 17th best recruiting class last year.