KOA Radio Show Rips DU Over Boone Decision

(above) DU Alum & KOA Radio host Mike Rosen let DU know that he is Pro-Boone yesterday
"If DU had Boone as the official mascot, the hockey team would probably be ranked #1 in the nation right now."
- Mike Rosen
DU Alum Mike Rosen hosts Denver's most popular local radio talk show on 850 KOA. He holds an MBA degree from the University of Denver and his Mike Rosen Show covers politics, lifestyles, entertainment, sports.

Yesterday he spent 28 minutes ripping DU, Ruckus the Red-Tailed Hawk and the "decision to to not bring Boone back as DU's mascot." The callers teed off with their own stories of "politically correctness run amok" at America's universities.

Meanwhile DU is laying off 100 employees and offering severance packages to a further 1600 employees due to "the economy." Wouldn't you think that during these uncertain economic times that DU would listen to their Alumni?

Channel 9 Newscast of Boone's Demise (10/22/08)


dggoddard said...

LetsGoDU is conducting a nationwide manhunt to find at least one DU Alum who supports the Chancellor's decision to remove Boone.

I emailed Mike Rosen and asked him to invite the Chancellor or a DU representative on his show to defend their position.

That would be an interesting show.

msbdu said...

I just sent Mike an email congratulating him for his stance. I too want to meet face to face the group of individuals who are offended.

Economic times are tough, DU still needs the financial support of their alumni, or have they forgotten that fact?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Mike Rosen supports Boone... just another reason why I support fiscal conservatives and the Colorado GOP. :)

Anonymous said...

"[O]ffering additional aid if families were struggling to pay the $20,000 to $25,000 it costs to go to school there for a year." Um, it's a bit more than $20-$25K per year to attend DU if you are a student living on campus. Try $40-$45K and work your way down from that figure with scholarships, grants, loans, etc. Maybe $20-25K if you are receiving $20K in financial aid.

dggoddard said...

Obviously DU isn't in the "No Spin Zone."

Anonymous said...

Come on DG - you have to be able to get someone more credible than this nitwit to advance the cause!

dggoddard said...

I just heard back from Mike Rosen and they are going to invite the Chancellor on his show.

I hope the Chancellor thanks me for getting DU all this free publicity on the largest AM station in the region. :-)

C Now said...

DG - My sources inside the university tell me that the lay-offs have everything to do with the economic downturn and stock market fall. Which has taken a huge bite out of the university's trust funds. I don't think that alumni are holding back contributions on account of the Boone Fiasco.

That said, I've also heard that the number of faculty opposed to the Boone revival is less than5 people. And i'm sure the word lawsuit is being thrown around too.

dggoddard said...


Interesting comments.

Wonder what grounds that anyone could sue on?

Who would fund a lawsuit? Can't imagine a law firm would take a case on contingency.

Probably every private university in the country is in the same boat as DU in regards to hiring freezes and endowment issues. State universities will feel the pinch later in an "economic downturn" when legislators start slashing budgets.

Thanks for the update. :-)