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(above) Its appears as though Denver Mayor Hickenlooper is looking up in wonder as Boone graces the Banner of the Clarion

(above) You have to love the three picture spread of the Student Mascot in the Clarion today

Today's DU Clarion student newspaper certainly deserves props for its photo spread of the new Student Mascot. The feature entitled "Welcome Back Boone" looks fantastic.

The battle over the former DU Mascot has raged for almost a year and Boone seemed destined for extinction after Chancellor Coombe issued his now famous "Boonacide Email" in October, 2008.
Coombe suggested that, "the Boone image of the 1970s was simply not reflective of either the DU or America of today, still less of the future. From this perspective, the old Boone figure is one that does not reflect the broad diversity of the DU community and is not an image that many of today's women, persons of color, international students and faculty, and others can easily relate to as defining the pioneering spirit. Certainly, this runs counter to our commitment to build a diverse and inclusive campus community as a fundamental element of excellence."
Last week a DU alumni group unveiled an updated mascot in Washington DC, much to the delight of thousands of school children from around the world.

On Saturday, the mascot attended a DU Women's Tennis Match, paraded around campus and received an overwhelmingly positive response at Invesco Field.


UDenver20 said...


dggoddard said...

Boone just looks great on the Banner.

Its almost like DU is a real university with a mascot and school pride.


Anonymous said...

...while Coombe slowly slides out of his chair and off to a far-away island.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the student athletes, staff, and administrators in the athletic department have to pretend like they support coombe in his decision to oust boone as the official mascot. Boone clearly and overwhelmingly unites the DU students, fans, and alumni while the athletic department has to pretend like boone is offensive. The only people that boone polarizes is the few administrators and faculty who are too insecure to admit fault in this situation, and the athletes, athletic department, students, fans, and alumni that unite as Pioneers. We are Denver. Ruckus is not denver. Boone is Denver. No matter what cowardly decisions coombe makes, almost everyone associated with the University of Denver will support boone and our mascot.

Coombe - If you want to stay true to your "commitment to build a diverse and inclusive campus community", I would suggest to stop raising tuition year after year after year. Maybe when that happens, people from different socioeconomic classes can consider affording the University of Denver. You're setting yourself up for failure. How about cutting down on overhead... Maybe cutting down on the hundreds of thousands of dollars you and other top administrators make every year for pissing everyone off at DU year after year. You coward. DU wants a leader who makes decisions based on what's right and what his/her constituents want. Not someone who makes decisions based on whether or not they will get sued. Stop pretending like the University's decision wasn't made by 2 or 3 people. Admit to your mistakes, apologize for making them and let's all move on.


Boone for chancellor.

dggoddard said...

I'd agree with pretty much everything written above, but would go one step further.

On the day Coombe sent out his email, I wrote that he owed everyone an apology and that the decision belongs in the hands of the students.

Nothing has changed in the past six months.