Chevy Nets MVP Award At Hockey Awards Party

(above) Marc Cheverie was named team MVP on Friday night

Sophomore goaltender Marc Cheverie earned Most Valuable Player honors, while senior captain J.P. Testwuide joined Cheverie in netting two awards as the University of Denver celebrated its 53rd Annual Hockey Awards Evening tonight at the Cable Center on the DU campus.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a deserved honor for our Chevy.

The awards went pretty much along with the conventional thinking -- the only shocker was Glasser overtaking Ruegsegger in the academics.

Congrats to all the award winners. Vossberg must really be a pretty good guy, taking the community service award for the 3rd time.

Amy said...

Congrats to all the hockey guys.
Chevy definetly deserves MVP.

Anonymous said...

A nice tribute to Jim White at the end of the evening season highlight video.

vizoroo said...

Do you think the video will be on PioneerVision?

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Lee Greseth - Just remember - don't take it personal when we crush the Goofers the next time you're in town!