Clarion Letter Suggests Withholding Donations

Seven months ago Chancellor Coombe emailed students and staff at the University of Denver that, "Boone would not become the official mascot at the University of Denver on the grounds that it was divisive and a not a unifying influence on campus."

The Chancellor never bothered to notify our alumni of his decision and two more alums sent letters to the Clarion this week asking for Boone's return to campus. One of the letters suggested "alums withhold donations to DU" until the matter is resolved.

This is the fifth straight week that the Clarion has featured Boone coverage or letters. Props to the newspaper, students and alumni that are keeping this issue alive.

Some might recall that the Chancellor also suggested that, "We hold a community-wide discussion of what it means to be a Pioneer, for today and the future, and I ask that the history and traditions committee and our student and alumni organizations take up this question with a view to building community and clarifying our identity."

I think we can comfortably say that 95% of alumni who are aware of the Boone situation want the mascot back at DU. No one can doubt that Boone has unified our alumni.


Anonymous said...

Squeaky wheels get the grease.

Keep on squeekin...

dggoddard said...

I agree.

Its great to see alums signing letters and keeping the pressure on Coombe.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy linking this website to my Facebook Wall every few weeks to keep all my DU friends from the 1980s, up to date. These friends are (or should I say were) major contributors to DU events, founder's gala, etc. None of these DU friends living in Cali, Florida, NJ, RI, MI, IL were aware of the issues at hand. All they get is their quarterly DU ALumni magazine, which of course never mentions Boone. I'm glad I can get the word out, and in my case I can say that at least 30 people are no longer making donations, to the school, and it's all because of their love for Boone. Hit em in the pockets for a year and the Chancellor might come around.