The Pipeline Show Interviews Drew Shore

DU Recruit Drew Shore was interviewed last night on the Pipeline Show on Edmonton radio station 1260 AM. Hosts Guy Flaming and Dean Millard peppered Shore with questions about the upcoming NHL Draft, coming to the University of Denver next Fall and USA Hockey.

Shore also mentioned that he's "Pro Boone" so check it out.


msbdu said...

How good is he?

dggoddard said...

He's a late first - early second round NHL draft choice. Great skills and passer but not as hyped as Colborne.

I'd be looking for 10 goals and 20 assists from him if he's on the first power play unit.

No question he's going to benefit being surrounded by Colborne, Ruegsegger, Rakhshani, Ostrow, Wiercioch & Maiani

msbdu said...

I am beginning to believe what everyone is saying about this year's team. I certainly don't want to jinx it but it sounds like all of the parts are in place.

Angélique C. Murray (Jori) said...

Here's hoping he isn't drafted by the Rangers!