Monday, August 24, 2009

DU Hockey's 60th Reunion News & Notes

News & Notes from the DU Hockey's 60th Anniversary Website.

  • Jon Art, class of ’62 and a leader on and off the ice, knows a good thing when he sees it! He was the first to register. So has George (Curly) Kirkwood ‘62.
  • Mark Rycroft, class of 2001 and former Colorado Avalanche, has registered and has gotten his former teammates Hobie Baker Award Winner, Matt Carle who is currently playing with the Philadelphia Flyers and Paul Stasney of the Colorado Avalanche to register as well.
  • Gerry Powers class of ’69 and 2 time NCAA Champ is communicating with all of his teammates and says the 67-69 Pioneers will have more members of their team at the celebration than any other team. The gauntlet has been laid down!
  • Ed Zimmeru, Captain of the 1st DU NCAA Championship team back in 1958, has committed as have several of his teammates.
  • Rod Summers, Class of 1990, is working the phones and e-mail to get the Backstrom era to turn out.
  • Angelo Ricci and Mark Luger says the Serratore era will be well represented. Mark Luger and Donald McLennan have already registered.
  • Marshall Johnston was in town in February and stopped by the Magnus Arena to do a video promotion that was aired at the last few DU games of the season as well as on local TV.
  • Many, many Denver area fans are coming out of the woodwork and have asked to attend/participate in the celebration. We have even received unsolicited donations from fans saying how much Denver Hockey has meant to them and the community over the years.


msbdu said...

I would hope that on both nights there is not an empty seat in Magness arena.

Twister said...

If I remember correctly the Pios will be wearing throwback uniforms for the weekend. Does anyone know if the jerseys will be available to the public for purchase?

Amy said...

So close and yet so far....all the anticipation is killing me. I need hockey. ><

444 said...

Too bad Jon Art didn't show Cam how to skate or he might have been a great DU player. ;)

jhahn4 said...

DU Grilling Society will be out on Saturday night, serving, among other things, Catfish (playing on Catamounts).

I doubt throwback jerseys will be for sale, since they don't even bother to have a fan shop anymore. Doesn't seem like merchandise is much of a priority.