Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Air Force Single Game Tickets Now On Sale

(above) DU fans need to book tickets soon for the Air Force game in the Springs before it sells out

Air Force individual hockey tickets went on sale today. DU plays Air Force in Colorado Springs on Feb. 6th and the game is sure to be a sell-out.

One of our readers noted, "Its the best deal in the State. 5 adults + 5 kids = $112 for DU game at center ice, 10 rows up."

Air Force is obviously pretty excited about hosting the game, because they are giving away 2,500 free T-Shirts to cause a "White-Out." We will need our fans to wear Crimson to even things up a little. DU was spanked two years ago when they played at Air Force, so it should be a great game.

DU individual game tickets are also now on sale and there are great seats available.


Anonymous said...

plus it's a hockey crowd! Much better than the social hour at Magness.

Anonymous said...

I'll be damned if there white-out is better than ours.