Friday, September 18, 2009

Denver Voted "Best Lax Town In U.S."

Inside Lacrosse just named Denver the best "Lacrosse Town in the U.S." in a recent survey that factored pro, college & high school lacrosse plus fan interest. Needless to say the preppies in Baltimore and New England weren't amused. Read the comments after the article.


Anonymous said...

and someone told me this wasn't a lax blog, phhsst, you guy's and your jokes

pessimisticfan said...

You know what, I have to agree with a lot of those com ments. Denver should not be listed as the top lax "town" in the US. I think that honor should go to Baltimore.

dggoddard said...

Baltimore couldn't hang on to the Colts. They obviously can't hang on Lacrosse.