Monday, September 21, 2009

Dustin Jackson Out For Season With Broken Leg

(left) DU forward Dustin Jackson broke his leg and had surgery last Thursday

DU Junior Forward Dustin Jackson broke his leg on Thursday in a scrimmage and is likely gone for the season. This will affect DU's depth at forward and his physical play will be missed during the WCHA campaign.

Hopefully Jackson will have a complete and full recovery ASAP.

Rakhshani (15g, 22a) - Ruegsegger (15g, 11a) - Maiani (11g, 30a)
K. Ostrow (14g, 14a) - Colborne (10g, 21a) - Salazar (15g, 10a)
Martin (10g, 13a) - Shore (Fr.) - S. Ostrow (Fr.)
Gifford (4g, 8a) - Glasser (4g, 3a) - Vossberg (4g, 2a)
[Dewhurst (0g, 1a), Knowlton (Fr.)]
Jackson (3g, 9a) Injured

Wiercioch (12g, 23a) - Lee (0g, 5a)
Donovan (Fr.) - Brookwell (0g, 3a)
Ryder (0g, 6a) - Wrenn (Fr.)
[Nutini (0g, 3a), Phillips (Fr.), Cook (0g, 0a), Brehm (0g, 0a)]

Chevy (2.34 gaa, .921 sv%)
[Murray (Fr.), Paulgaard (1.61, .917 sv%)]

1st PP
Rakhshani, Colborne, Maiani
Wiercioch, Ruegsegger

2nd PP
K. Ostrow, Shore, Salazar
Donovan, Martin

1st PK
Colborne, K. Ostrow
Wiercioch, Donovan

2nd PK
Martin, Vossberg
Wrenn, Lee


pessimisticfan said...

Big loss for our fourth line, hopefully the injury bug doesn't start to hit home.

du78 said...

Tough break for an excellent depth player. Get well soon Dustin!

vizoroo said...

Do you red shirt or hope for a late season comeback?

Trev said...

Time for someone to step up .. who's it gonna be?

du78 said...

Does anyone know if Stephen Cunningham is still a student at DU? If so he could always come back to the team.

Anonymous said...

du78 -- I did a search of the student directory. No entry. :(

Anonymous said...

I don't know which directory the anon above used but I still see Cunningham in the directory.

Crimsonandgold05 said...

Do I dare suggest that Gwoz use one of his defensemen in the forward spot, a guy like Ryder or Nutini? Both have "veteran" WCHA experience and could be good muckers on the 4th line. Plus this would satisfy some of the earlier conversations about finding a spot for both of these guys who were discussed as being on the bubble.

Anonymous said...

That sucks for Dusty. He can still be a presence in the Locker Room though. On a different note, that does tell me that thier practices are pretty damn intense. Looking forward to seeing Dusty in the building for the Vermont series

Twister said...

This is a shame. Jackson is a big body who can be physical and score a goal here a there. Hopefully we see him next year.

Anonymous said...

Cunningham goes to a school in manhattan.

Anonymous said...

big loss. big body, skates and sees ice well, unselfish, makes good passes, hits like a truck.