Minnesota State-Mankato @ DU This Weekend .... Wear Halloween Costumes Saturday Night .... Go DU
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ATTENTION STUDENTS: Due to storm $5 Tickets can be purchased all weekend at Ticket Office

Friday Night DU Lineup
Rhett Rakhshani - Tyler Ruegsegger - Joe Colborne
Anthony Maiani - Drew Shore - Kyle Ostrow
Matt Glasser - Jesse Martin - Luke Salazar
Chris Knowlton - Brian Gifford - Brandon Vossberg

Patrick Wiercioch - William Wrenn
Matt Donovan - John Lee
Paul Phillips - Chris Nutini

Marc Cheverie
Adam Murray
Lars Paulgaard

Jackson (out for season)
S. Ostrow (healthy)
Dewhurst (healthy)
Brookwell (healthy)
Ryder (healthy)
Brehm (healthy)
Cook (healthy)


LetsGoMavs said...

What hockey really needs is "miked up"...have a different player each night be miked up.

I can't be the only one that would love to hear the things these guys say to each other! It would be very entertaining!

dggoddard said...

Wouldn't be that hard to do. We just need FCS-Rocky Mountain to jump on board.

Aluuum said...

I don't think The NCAA allows that. They are an over paid, over staffed, beaurocratic Kansss group that doesn't want to take any chances.

Anonymous said...


"Gwozdecky joins the 500 club" on the side of the article.

Anonymous said...

d.u.g.s. Homecoming Tailgate at the Pioneer Pregame is still on as scheduled, along with other activities presented by DUPB and DU Club Sports, including a Beer Garden!

On the menu- Grilled Ribeye and Chicken, Butternut Squash, Grilled Apples, Smores, and Hot Cider.

Also check out our Saturday tailgates all season long, an hour before gametime- Beer Bratwurst and Italian Sausage with vegetable kabobs are on deck for Saturday.

dggoddard said...

Check out the LIVE DU Clarion game thread www.duClarion.com

Anonymous said...

Anyone having problems with the duclarion.com link?

Anonymous said...

#3 in the county..........1/2 full arena at home........?????????

Anonymous said...

I think the arena was as full as I had seen it in a long time- close to capacity.

vizoroo said...

I couldnt get the DU Clarion link to work last night. But then again I couldn't get the Live Stats new page to work either. Is it just me?