DU Throwback Jerseys For Sale

Preorder: megan.kelly75@du.edu


Dirty said...

So by authentic they mean a replica where they got rid of the hem striping, added shoulder patches and the Denver logo is likely a crappy iron-on. Authentic indeed.

Trev said...

And since when is 64-65 sixty years ago?

By my private university math you should be looking for the 1949 jerseys, Dirty.

dggoddard said...

Not going to disagree with Dirty about the quality. For $90 they probably aren't world class.

I believe the intent with the jerseys was to capture the look and feel of a couple of different eras.

All in all I think they look great & I'll buy one. I'm not a fan of DU's current jerseys so this is a step forward in my opinion.

Dirty said...

You're right, I should have used a different picture for reference. Judging from the lack of variation in Denver's jersey from 1958 to 1969 though, I'm likely correct.

Teams saying they are making authentic throwbacks and then producing anything but just sort of annoys me. To me authentic means just that, the same as the players wear. And to call it a throwback when it's likely not close to what jerseys DU wore in 1949 is lame.

Trev said...

Idiot. You assume you're right? That's just too funny.

Whatever gets you through life, go with it, I suppose.

I don't know what they wore in 1949 either; it's impossible to find a photo online sadly. Since you obviously know the dictionary definition of "Authentic", one would hope that this is what is being sold.

That all being said - DU surely is abusing certain marketing terms that are allowed to be vague and can be used for a variety of sales purposes. We do have a fantastic business school after all.

I'm bored with this uniform trolling, can we at least talk about hockey?

puck swami said...

I love the elegant, timeless simplicity of these, and the way they honor the past history of the program.

I would love to see these become the primary DU jersey, replacing the current ones, which are too busy.

Dirty said...

Good to know I'm irritating you without even trying.

Trev said...

Obvious troll is obvious.

Anonymous said...

this one definitely looks better than the current jersey

Twister said...

I'll probably buy one, although $90
is a bit steep. Season ticket holders should get 50% off. :D

The current jersey, while not horrible, is too sterile and lacks character.

dggoddard said...

I'll pass these comments about the jersey, both positive and negative to the Athletic Department.

We ought to charge DU for consumer product testing. :-)

Keep the comments coming.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Jersey sucks. No realistic bear.

Trev said...

I do think that the Pioneers are due for a uniform change. People are tired of the shiny atrocities they are wearing now. For such a simply designed sweater there is waaay too much going on like Twist said.

Many of our uniforms are pretty haggard looking though; I must say after looking back at the blogpost from the summertime. I would expect the next generation of DU uniforms to stand out in some obnoxious way.

Honestly, who really cares how terrible looking our uniforms are as long as we win Championships. Thats what it's about, not fashion.

Trev said...

Twist said it was sterile, not that there was "too much going on". Not really sure where I got that from.

Whatever - he's still right.

puck swami said...

here is our current jersey:

The problem with the jerseys now is you have the arched Denver wordmark across the front, which is fine. But then you have an American flag patch (which was nice 8 years ago, now, not so much), a WCHA patch, a player number, two shoulder patches, a manufacturers logo and some extra sripe at hte bottom. Add it all up and you have NASCAR.

If they at least lost the American flag, the player number and the extra bottom stripe, it would go a long way towards a cleaner look

vizoroo said...

I thnk getting rid of the player number is a bad idea!

Thankfully Ruckus has been replaced with DU.

I am far from a Neo-Con, but when American soldiers are still fighting on foreign soil, I say leave the flag on the jersey.

And RWD, what about a "lion" instead of a bear?

Anonymous said...

Thank you RWD for shedding some light upon us, we almost made a huge mistake. There has to be some way to put a realistic bear on this jersey or it's going to really suck!!! Maybe we can replace the numbers on the back with the bear (realistic bear of course) or maybe the realist bear could be eating the word Denver on the front, we need suggestions here people.