Flyers Host Annual Father-Son Bonding Week

(above) DU Alumus Matt Carle (#25)

From: Philly News. com
by Frank Seravalli

Life on the road usually isn't fun. But the Flyers' annual father-son bonding trip is one that the players actually look forward to taking.

Most of the Flyers' fathers flew in from the far corners of the globe - Anchorage, Alaska, for Matt Carle's father, Bob - to watch their sons take on Florida and San Jose last weekend and travel to Washington with the team for tonight's game.

"Since he is from back in Alaska, I don't get to see him often," Matt Carle said. "It's nice to see family when you can.

"We make the commitment all year long, so we don't get to see them too often. When your parents come around, you always want to play better."

For some dads, the long weekend is a peek into life as an NHL player.

"I know the dads really enjoy seeing how it works, being in the NHL," Danny Briere said. "Before I came here, I never had the chance to live that [with my dad].

"I don't think it matters how young or old you are, it's a special time to bond with your dad."

The Flyers' fathers were going for a White House tour this morning while the players prepare for Ovechkin & Co.

Newcomer Mika Pyorala, whose family lives in Finland, said his father was disappointed he couldn't make the trip. The Pyoralas will visit Mika in January during a string of home games.

"I'm sure he would've liked to come," Pyorala said. "It's a long way and he is working. They're staying up late and watching all of the games on the Internet. They have the computer hooked up to their TV. My dad used to coach me in youth hockey and juniors; they basically live hockey. They are my biggest fans."

That's what makes this trip so special - nearly every player has his biggest fan watching.

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du78 said...

I watched some of the Flyers/Caps game last night. Matt had the 2nd most minutes (25:54) behind Pronger (30:41) for the Flyers. Although the Flyers choked up a 2-0 lead to lose 4-2, Matt was even for the night. Matt has 1 goal and 8 assists for 9 points in 10 games, not bad. He is also +7 on the season. He seems to have found a home in Philly.