Zucker's Goals Pace USA Twelve Goal Onslaught

(above) The Latvian goaltender had trouble keeping anything out of the nets

From: The Star Phoenix
by Darren Zary

Incoming DU recruit Jason Zucker displayed his considerable skill on Tuesday afternoon at the IIHF world hockey championships. Zucker scored two highlight reel goals after being promoted to the American first line. The Americans simply overpowered the Latvians, putting the game out of reach early thanks to three power play goals in the opening frame to take a 6-0 lead.

DU freshman Matt Donovan was credited with an assist on Zucker's first goal.

Chris Kreider led the U.S. with a hat trick, capitalizing on a penalty shot awarded late in the game.

Danny Kristo, Zucker and Derek Stepan each tallied twice. A.J. Jenks, Tyler Johnson and Jeremy Morin added singles for the United States, which outshot Latvia 62-19 and led 6-0 and 7-1 by periods.

Gvido Kauss scored the lone goal, on the power play at 7:00 of the second period, for the lovable Latvians. That prompted a standing ovation from the anti-American crowd following the goal.

USA Lineup
29 Jerry D'Amigo - 21 Derek Stepan (C) - 10 Tyler Johnson
16 Jason Zucker - 17 Ryan Bourque - 19 Jordan Schroeder (A)
20 Chris Kreider - 22 A.J. Jenks - 26 Jeremy Morin
23 Kyle Palmieri - 9 Philip McRae - 8 Danny Kristo
14 Luke Walker

5 David Warsofsky (A) - 11 John Carlson
4 Matt Donovan - 24 Cam Fowler
18 Brian Lashoff - 2 John Ramage
28 Jake Gardiner

30 Mike Lee
1 Jack Campbell


puck swami said...

Very nice game for Zucker. This tourney is owned by 19 year olds, so to see Zucker as a younger guy making a difference at this kind of level is really nice surprise - good for his draft stock, good for Team USA, and good for DU.

Zucker plays very tenaciously and without fear, and that is what is leading to his early success as he drives the net.

The opponents are going to be much more difficult the rest of the way, so if Zucker can continue to contribute, his confidence will really skyrocket.

dggoddard said...

The Canada game will define Zucker & Donovan. Canada has the best players in the world at this age level.

Can Donovan play shut down defense against elite competition? Will Zucker's speed and tenacity hold up against Canada's speed, skill & size.

Certainly both players have exceeded all expectations thus far. Hope the team goes out there, has fun and plays great.

Anonymous said...

You both forgot to mention one thing...... that CC SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

The news keeps getting better regarding Zucker. I very talented skilled forward that also hits. I'm thinking Bozak level talent. Could this guy be the best offensive recruit we've seen this decade?

dggoddard said...

DG's Top 10 Recruits This Decade

1). M. Carle - 112 pts '03-06
2). P. Stastny - 98 pts '04-06
3). G. Gauthier - 155 pts '02-06
4). A. Berkhoel - 2.11 gaa '00-04
5). R. Rakhshani - 136 pts '06-10
6). J. Colborne - 45 pts. '08-10
7). C. James - 150 pts. '00-04
8). T. Ruegsegger - 102 pts '06-10
9). P. Mannino - 2.35 gaa '04-08
T-10). T. Bozak - 57 pts 07-09
T-10). P. Wiercioch 47 pts. 08-10

Pretty subjective list. Colborne is up there because he is a first round draft pick.

Carle may be DU's best recruit ever. Two rings, Hober Baker Award, NHL success.

dggoddard said...

dggoddard said...

DU's Top 3 Recruits By Class This Decade

James, Berkhoel, Caldwell

Fulghum, Drummond, Ulanski

Gauthier, Skinner, O'Leary

Carle, Fisher, Viedeman

Stastny, Mannino, Dingle

Butler, Trotter, Mullen

Rakhshani, Ruegsegger, Brookwell

Bozak, Cheverie, Ostrow

Colborne, Wiercioch, Lee

Donovan, Shore, Wrenn

Zucker, Bennett, Shore N.

I'd say that 2004 was DU's best recruiting class. Add Andy Thomas, Tom May & Geoff Paukovich in '04.

Anonymous said...

Great lists DG. I'd put Gabe ahead of Stats. Two national championships and the goal against Maine that brought DU back to the promise land. I'd also put C. James ahead of the Rock for now (until the Rock gets his ring in Detroit that is). James won a national championship and I believe his injury and subsequent return in the frozen four was a huge motivating force for that team.

Carle is without a doubt the best recruit of the modern era.

I'd argue that 2001 was our best recruiting class of the decade. Back-to-back national championships and most wins ever by a single class. Also, they were all high talent blue collar guys. Didn't have enough talent to leave early for the pros so they all stayed around through their senior year and provided the leadership necessary to win back-to-back championships.

vizoroo said...

Zucker on a line with Schroeder and Bourque tonight, Donovan teamed with Fowler