ESPN To Air Special on Hyperthropic Cardiomyopathy

(left) ESPN is televising a special on HCM today at 1 PM MT

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a common congenital heart disorder (affecting almost 1 in 500 people) that causes several varieties of heart problems – not the least of which is sudden death. DU student assistant hockey coach David Carle has been on the forefront promoting the disease since he was diagnosed with HCM after the NHL Combine in 2008.

Two athletes recently passed from enlarged heart, thought to be HCM. Jeron Lewis was a Div 2 basketball player, collapsed late last week and the other Chicago Bears player Gaines Adams who passed away yesterday morning. ESPN is having a special on HCM today at 1 PM MT.

As these recent tragedies illustrate, much still needs to be done to diagnose and prevent future deaths through testing of athletes at all levels of sport. David's battle with HCM illustrates that a full healthy life is possible, but precautions and participation in elite level sport must be monitored or restricted.

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