LetsGoDU To Raise Money For DU Pep Band

Last year LetsGoDU raised over $8,000 to help bring Boone back to life at the University of Denver. We designed, built and delivered the mascot in time for the Frozen Four. We sent DU student, Scott Fuson, off to Mascot Boot Camp in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Finally we unveiled Boone in Washington DC in front of alumni, students, fans and friends at the Lincoln Memorial. This year we are focusing our energy on growing the DU Pep Band.

In the past few years school spirit and pride among students at the University of Denver has grown in leaps and bounds. Nowhere is that spirit and energy more revitalized than in the University of Denver Pep Band. In the past year they've grown from 10 to 30 members and the DU Pep Band is now a vital part of our Basketball and Hockey teams' game night experience. But this growth has brought the need for more spirit gear, more equipment and more instruments.

As the Treasurer of the Pep Band, DU student Joey Leon wants to keep the momentum going. They are currently working to get additional funding. LetsGoDU and an alumni donor are stepping forward with a $500 donation. Our goal is to help raise $10,000 by the summer.

You can help make a difference as well. If you can help out in any way to keep the program growing, they would greatly appreciate it. Send cash or a checks made out to the University of Denver Pep Band. Please mail your tax deductible donation to:

Joey Leon
University of Denver Pep Band
2222 S. High St. #205B
Denver, CO 80210


Anonymous said...

I'm in. This band was a key to the success of DU hockey in the
60's and 70's (remember them having to climb the wall ladder with their instruments every game??) The band changes the atmosphere EVERY time they are at Magness. Other schools have bands at every game. DU should too.

dggoddard said...

I know some people probably read the article and think, shouldn't DU be funding the Pep Band.

In two words; HELL YES.

But when alumni, fans or parents donate to a cause like this, it sends a message to the administration that we think its important.

Also it is easier for the band to use donated money for needed items, trips or extracurricular activities without jumping through all the DU red tape.

Finally it sends a firm message to the band members that what they are doing is important to us. So many students got behind Boone because for the first time, DU Alums and Fans clearly cared and funded the project.

So if you like the band, think they should play at more hockey games and think it helps the atmosphere at Magness, kick in $25 to $100. It sends a message and will help the band grow.

I sent Joey a $250 check yesterday and another alum who reads this blog every day sent in $300 last month so that the band could have pizzas before the games.

Aluuum said...

Absolutly correct D.G.( your right for a change) The school spirit message is stronger with donations. I'm in for 100 bucks. Anon is right, the presence of the pep adds a lot to the atmosphere which in the past was severly lacking.

puck swami said...

I can't agree more. The enlarged DU band has made a difference in those games where they've been in attendance, and it really boosts the collegiate atmosphere of Magness. 40 members this year is much better than 20 they had last year, the quality of playing has alo gone up, and I hope someday we can get it up to the 80-125 player level you see at the big schools (and Michigan Tech!. It would also be great to see the band travel to CC and Air Force games, too.

Kick in some dough folks. Think of it, like Beer, as an investment in the game night experience.

Anonymous said...

How about we work on getting them into every game? Then I'll be in for helping to make them bigger and louder.

If they have 300 people but only play a handful of games, it's a waste of money to help them grow.

dggoddard said...

The DU Pep band is only playing six Friday night games this season.

If you have more band members you can split them up into two bands. A Friday band and a Saturday night band.

Right now the DU Pep band has to play basketball and hockey. They are only playing six hockey games this season and I'm not sure how many hoops games.

Link to band member interview:

Sat. Oct. 31 - Minnesota State
Sat. Jan. 9 - Alaska-Anchorage
Fri. Feb. 5 - Mercyhurst
Fri. Feb. 12 - Minnesota
Sat. Feb. 20 - Michigan Tech
Fri. Mar. 5 - Colorado College