DU 1 UAA 1 Final OT

(above) At least Chevy was solid in the nets
"It was one of those games where you think, 'OK, glad we got the point, (but) we certainly didn't deserve the win. In fact, if we would have won the game, we would be cheating the game."
-DU Coach George Gwozdecky

Tyler Ruegsegger scored the first goal of the game in the 1st period with assists from Patrick Wiercioch and Joe Colborne. Curtis Leinweber of UAA tied the game for UAA midway through the 1st period.

There was no scoring after that. Marc Cheverie and John Olthuis both played well in net. DU led in shots on goal 32 to 28.

DU remains in 1st place in the WCHA. DU with 2 point lead over UMD and CC and a 3 point lead over Wisconsin and SCSU. Tight race in the WCHA.
Stars of the Game
First Star: Marc Cheverie (Denver)
Second Star: Jon Olthuis (Alaska Anchorage)
Third Star: Tyler Ruegsegger (Denver)

Box Score

Denver Post Game Recap

Anchorage Daily News Game Recap

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Anonymous said...

That was quite possibly the worst hockey game I've ever seen.

Justin said...

Boring, lack of effort.... Come on Boys, I expect better!!!!

Jordan said...

I agree with the OP. Probably the least inspired game I've seen in 4 years at DU. Painful game to watch. Nobody deserved to win.

MagnessMan said...

It was not a pretty game to watch. Du was flat footed and beat to the puck and made lots of awful passes. DU was not mentally into it at all.

Miami goes down to RM. If we can step up tomorrow night and learn from the crappie effort tonight we could be #1 come Monday. Tie feels like a loss but at least we didn't blow it completely.

Twister said...

I was wrong about DU tonight--that was awful. Ugly, ugly game that certainly feels more like a loss. Give UAA credit--they played exactly the type of game they wanted to play. Clog the neutral zone, slow down the Pios, choppy play, lack of flow etc. UAA effectively frustrated the Pios for about 99% of that game and deserved the point tonight.

I'm no expert, but a few words of advice for DU tomorrow--get the puck deep!!! Skate to the red line, dump it in, and make the UAA players chase. Set up a forecheck and create some offensive zone pressure. And stop standing around. Find an opening so your teammate can pass it to you.

Anonymous said...

Never saw that kind of showing coming. I had to re-convince myself that was the same team that beat BC 6 days ago. A bunch of LAZY HOCKEY PLAYERS is what that was. Very surprising. I think tomorrow will be another story. they'll either completley bury UAA on the scoreboard or there will be a shitload of Denver penalties, game misconducts, etc etc.

UAA is not that good and DU is not that bad!

puck Swami said...

UAA played a perfect road hockey game. They are big and fristrating to play. They don't give you space, and they know how to trap and play along the walls.

DU needs a better approach tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

Who's that Alaskan little sonofabitch #6 is it? Wow what a little weiner face. That little boy has guts - I'll give him that. He's got a bigger mouth than Mick Jagger. He's a hell of an actor too, how he faked a trip call on Wiercioch... little bitch!

Anonymous said...

1-1 tie,..... against UAA? Wow..... I've never seen a bunch of fans throw their team under the bus like DU fans do. You realize that your team does not walk on water. They occasionaly to do play poorly and, "Oh, my God", can be beat. Truly, you are all a bunch of spoiled, uneducated hockey fans.

Anonymous said...

Just because we're upset at a lack of effort doesn't mean we're throwing the team under the bus... This one was just particularly frustrating.

Anonymous said...

DU played great as always... you just can't win them all!

MagnessMan said...

1-1 tie,..... against UAA? Wow..... I've never seen a bunch of fans throw their team under the bus like DU fans do. You realize that your team does not walk on water. They occasionaly to do play poorly and, "Oh, my God", can be beat. Truly, you are all a bunch of spoiled, uneducated hockey fans.

I'd like to throw you under the bus and back up and make sure I flatten you really good. That's a really intelligent statement--very research based. What ever team you follow--must have nothing but intelligent fans especially if you're the prototype.

puck Swami said...

DU hockey has been around for 60 years now, with the hardware that's been accrued here, we know when we've seen good efforts, mediocre efforts and poor efforts.

The UAA effort was pretty good. This UAA had a game plan, and they executed it well. They clogged the neutral zone, kept punishing DU along the boards with superior size, and used their opportunities to try to score.

DU, on the other hand, didn't seem to have the mental notr physical energy to sustain a good performance. They were not able to get into transition, the power play was totally out of synch, and the star players did not produce. They were outplayed by a UAA team that showed more heart.

Anonymous said...

Totally uninspired effort last night. I'm glad DU fans are upset with this performance.Are we spoiled? Maybe,because we have seen what this team is capable of. Especially after last weeks peformance being fresh in our minds.If the Pios play well and lose so be it. Laying an egg like last night should never be accepted.

Aluuum said...

Does any one know how thr third period went? As soon as i finished my 7 dollar Molson I fell asleep.

dggoddard said...

Boston College was #2 in Pairwise coming into the Denver Cup. Three straight losses later they are hanging on in 15th. Shows how quickly you can fall in the Pairwise this time of year.

Interesting that UAA employed the Trap, didn't commit three forwards to the attack and only looked for opportunistic or lucky goals. I've seen DU employ the same strategy when over-matched and shorthanded with injuries against North Dakota and Minnesota in recent years. We hailed Gwozdecky as a genius when it worked. Props to UAA for playing hard and playing within themselves.

DU knows what UAA is going to do tonight. The exact same thing. To open the game up and get them out of their shell, DU needs to get the lead and force UAA to commit penalties.

Anonymous said...

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