Westword Names Denver's Best Coonskin Cap Store

(above) Westward named The Wizard's Chest as the Best Store To Buy A Coonskin Cap in Denver
Best Store for a Coonskin Cap
The Wizard's Chest
230 Fillmore St.


The coonskin cap is an icon of American frontier history (tell that to Chancellor Coombe), and for many decades was a mainstay in any kid's toy chest. But you don't see them around much anymore, which can be a problem when you really need one — because there's simply no easy substitute. Thankfully, you can count on the Wizard's Chest, the Cherry Creek North toy and costume shop (an icon in itself) that carries the iconic caps year-round.


msbdu said...

I wear my coonskin cap proudly to every game. I can't tell you how many times I get stopped and someone asks me where they can get one. Last year it was a white out, this year a coonskin hat out!

Anonymous said...

I'm in. Just ordered a coonskin yesterday.

achsdu17 said...

Ya know... I remember a time when I was a sophomore where I was made fun of by the students for sporting the coonskin cap to games. Following year, 4-5 people started wearing them, then the next year 10-15... and it just grew. It doesn't look so stupid anymore now doesn't it ;).

dggoddard said...

They cost less than 10 bucks at the Wizard's Chest.

Twister said...

They should do a 1/2 off sale for all DU fans.