US Wore 1960 Throwback Jerseys Against Canada

(above) DU alum Paul Statny (#26) celebrates with Brian Rafalski who scored the first goal of the game yesterday against Canada

The United States uniforms for Sunday's Olympic men's hockey game against Canada were nearly identical to those worn by the 1960 gold-medal winning team at Squaw Valley.

The uniforms featured a red stripe between two blue stripes on the sleeves and white sweater bottoms, and the letters U-S-A in a diagonal pattern. The shoulders were in dark blue, with red piping around the neck. The pants were dark blue, while the stripes on the white socks matched those on the sweaters.

The 1959-60 University of Denver hockey team played the USA team as they were preparing for the 1960 Olympic Games. DU defeated Team USA 7-5 and tied them the next night 5-5 in the DU Ice Arena. Three weeks later the USA team won the Gold Medal over the Soviet Union.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, in 1960 CC was only three years removed from their MOST RECENT National Championship!!