Chancellor Coombe To Offer Office Hours

(above) Could this be a reality at DU one day?

Each week the University of Denver school newspaper The Clarion offers nuggets of information that keeps us alums informed about whats happening on campus. An article about Chancellor Coombe meeting one-on-one with students caught our eye this week. Its a step in the right direction to be sure. A reaction to LetsGoDU readers' comments recently that Bobby is out of touch with students or just a coincidence?

Could lower tuition and a coonskin capped mascot be just around the corner?

Chancellor Robert Coombe has implemented one-on-one sessions with students.

The first series was held last Tuesday and all 12 slots offered were filled.

The sessions are held in the chancellor’s office in the Mary Reed Building. The sessions will be monthly events in two-hour time slots. The date and time of the February office hours have not yet been released.

Students may sign up for 10-minute time slots with the chancellor.

The student-dedicated office hours mark the third attempt by Coombe to create a dialogue between the students and DU’s administration, according to an e-mail from Coombe to students. Prior attempts included quarterly chancellor’s round tables and a blog, but “participation was very limited,” Coombe said.

“This is not intended to provide an opportunity to move disputes ‘up the ladder,’ beyond the limits set by [university] policies,” Coombe said in the e-mail. “Rather, I’d like to talk with you about what’s working and what’s not working, about the quality and depth of your experiences at DU, and to hear about how we might improve.”

To make an appointment for the Chancellor’s office hours, contact his office at or 303-871-2111.


msbdu said...

Has Boone signed up to talk with Bobby? I certain he has some things to say.

dggoddard said...

Classic. :-)

Amy said...

Can anyone make an argument for Boone in 10 minutes?

msbdu said...

Amy, 10 minutes is not near enough time. We are talking 40 years of history, tradition. Have you been to a DU event lately, where Boone is in attendance? If not, I suggest you buy a ticket to the hockey game Friday night.

dggoddard said...

Amy's been to every game that Boone has been in attendance. :-)

msbdu said...

To my point, Boone is a rock star, folk hero, he is the MAN. Ruckus was banished in shame and is currently living in Cleveland in a home for retired mascots.

dggoddard said...

From what I hear, Ruckus is attending a few DU basketball games to make ends meet.

Amy said...

It was supposed to be sarcastic...Guess it didn't accomplish that. lol.

Anonymous said...

Office hours? Does he actually do anything that justifies an office?

Office hours are a perfect opportunity to handcuff yourself to his desk until something actually gets done.