Rak The Vote

(above) Rhett Rakhshani moved into second place in the Lowe's Senior Class Award fan voting on Sunday thanks to LetsGoDU Readers

(left) Rakhshani was trailing the field on Friday afternoon

LetsGoDU readers have responded to the Rhett Rakhshani Campaign. We're working on a LetsGoDU promo video for Rakhshani that is going to be either pretty funny or completely offensive depending on your sensibilities and musical tastes.


Aluuum said...

Hey guys, you can vote once a day. Let's pile up more Rak. votes.

piosavsfan said...

You can vote more than once a day, if you are creative. ;)

Anonymous said...

BTW, I was at the game last night, don't know if anyone else caught it, but the AFA announcer apparently did NO prep work ... referred to our defenseman "WIRE-kosh" ... and then our "FRESHMAN Rhett ROCK-sha-neee" ... jeez, try to look at the media guide before gametime wouldja!

-- Chase