Rivals.com Ranks Top 10 Incoming Recruits

(above) Jason Zucker is listed as the #2 incoming recruit in college hockey next season

Rivals.com ranked the "Top 10 Incoming Recruits" for next season. The University of Denver was the only program with two players in the Top 10. Jason Zucker was #2 and Beau Bennett was #7. We believe that Bennett is better than #7 based on his recent play (see article below). Time will tell.

Rivals will release their full list of the Top 50 players later this week.
DU's 2010 Recruiting Class
F Jason Zucker (U.S. Under-18) - Rivals.com Rank #2
F Beau Bennett (Penticton, BCHL) - Rivals.com Rank #7
F Nick Shore (U.S. Under-18)
D David Makowski (Green Bay, USHL)
F Dan Olszewski (St. Louis, NAHL)


dggoddard said...

Looks like DU is well on the way to having the #1 recruiting class in 2010.

Ralphie said...

How good is Nick Shore? Haven't heard much about his game, only the brotherly stories of he and Drew.

Is he on the same level as the two kids ranked by Rivals?

Anonymous said...

Nick Shore has put up consistant #s all year for the under 18s and is curently second only to Saad in scoring. He's not getting as much attention as the other guys listed because it's not his draft year. I expect to see him and Makowski in the top 20 from Rivals.com.

dggoddard said...

Nick Shore has been mentioned as been mentioned as a possible NHL First Round draft choice in 2011. Scott Mayfield who will arrive at DU in 2011 is also featured on many of the same 2011 Mock Drafts.

Nick Shore, Jason Zucker & Beau Bennet are all Grade 1 recruits that have NHL potential if their development continues.

David Makowski has been tearing up the USHL this season. I'd expect him to step into DU's lineup right away next season.

Ozzie Olszewski should be a Brandon Vossberg type player. A grinder who will fit in perfectly with Gwoz's system.

Anonymous said...

Nick Shore is a stud. He should do very well at DU.

Twister said...

DU loses 6 seniors this year. Is there a pulse on who might leave early? I'm assuming Wiercioch is the biggest flight risk, but I wonder too about Chevy and Colborne?

puck swami said...

Top 50 not listed - DU has three in the top 25,


puck swami said...

That should be "now listed", and not "not listed".

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why Makowski is not on that list? His #s are better than all of the USHL D-men listed.

dggoddard said...

These recruiting lists always end up measuring the potential of a recruit to reach the NHL vs. what his impact in college is going to be.

Phil Kessel will always be #1 and a player like Kyle Ostrow who's four year numbers will dwarf Kessel's will be far below him.

Its also hard to believe that the top 5 college bound defensemen all play on the same team (USNDT).

Needless to say this Rivals List needs a lot of tweaking.

Brian said...


We all know Michigan will end up being the number one recruiting class in the country, they always are.