USCHO: Rakhshani Best Clutch Forward In WCHA

(above) Rhett Rakhshani leads the WCHA in Campbellnomics points

Elliot Olshansky in compared WCHA forwards using the Campbellnomics System that's the current rage in the NHL.

Campbellnomics awards points only on six types of goals: first goal, go-ahead goal, tying goal, comeback goal, last lead, and overtime (you get one point per goal and half a point per assist for each category the goal falls into).

Despite only being 16th in the nation in scoring with 17 goals and 18 assists in 28 games for an average of 1.25 points per game, and when the Campbellnomics system, he leapfrogs the WCHA’s other top scoring forwards, for 23 Campbellnomics points and a .82 CPPG average.

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Donald Dunlop said...

Reread the article. He didn't compare all WCHA forwards ... He compared 6.

So Rakhshani is more clutch than the other 5. It's all part of his "Hobey Tracking". Feel free to delete this comment should you make the corrections.