Winter Olympics Update From A DU Alum

(above) DU Alum Brian Horsburgh at the ice hockey venue in Vancouver

DU Alum Brian Horsburgh just graduated from DU this past Spring Quarter. His first "job" out of college is working at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

While at DU, Brian helped out Boone as a "gofer/security" during DU hockey games. He sent us the following update from Vancouver.
Greetings from a crazy Vancouver. As most of you know, I am up here for the month working at the Games. We host all sorts of folks, from clients to contest winners, for 3-4 day trips. In addition to the full timers, I am working with 15 other staff, mostly from the area, transporting our guests to and from airports, the hotel, and all sorts of Olympic events and functions.

Though I do not get to attend all events, I have got to witness parts of women's and men's hockey, snowboarding, men's and women's short track skating (go ohno go!!!) men's biathlon, men's super G, women's aerials, and quite a bit of the baggage shuffle out of the international customs area ... okay so that is not an Olympic sport yet, but I see quite a bit of it.

The most interesting people end up here, so it has been a blast getting to know everyone. Right now we have a group of Koreans in who do not speak a lick of English, so I am trying to add a few Koren words to my speech, a simple good morning in their language goes a long way.

Celebrity sightings so far include the Barenaked Ladies (with a new lead singer), Nelly Fratado (eviently she still exists up here), Sarah McLaughlin (did not realize it until someone told me I just said 'have a good night' to her), Joe Biden (with very little security), Mitt Romney (before he was threatened on his flight), and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (3 times).

Tonight was Sweden-Finland hockey, a rematch of the gold medal game from 4 years ago. Didn't make it to the US-Canada game, but it was a great one, and it made being an American a lot easier tonight! Tomorrow, I get to sleep in (till 8) before getting for various events followed by speed skating... luckily no 2 am airport pickup tonight... The fun never stops!


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