Denver Post Video Interview Of DU's Top Line


Amy said...

Its good to hear that they recognize their lack of intensity and desperation from this past weekend. Most teams will just give the common answer of "we need to get back to the basics."

DU has the skill to win but in the tournament skill alone is not enough. I'm ready to see DU step it up from this past weekend. f

achsdu17 said...

I don't know if it's just me but watching this kind of made me a bit sad. I think of Rocky and Rugs, from the day they came in as Freshmen to DU they both had a special impact on this team that only a select few have had. They have been the heart and soul of this team and it's defiantly going to be a lot different come next year when we will be looking for our next heros.

That aside though, it's all or nothing now. The NCAA tournament... this is what this team has been built for. To make the Frozen Four and contend for a National Title. Not only should this feel like a game 7 to the team but to the seniors this should feel like their last chance.

Leave Nothing! Lay everything on that rink and press forward.

du78 said...

DU is going to need big things out of the 1st line this weekend. Maiani is definitely out and now center Jesse Martin reportedly suffered an undisclosed injury in practice on Tuesday (Chambers in Denver Post)and is questionable for Friday. That would leave only Kyle Ostrow available from the 2nd line which has been carrying the team as of late.

Twister said...

Chevy and Rhett are being interviewed on ESPN 1600 with Vic and Gary right now.

SIOUX 7 said...

I found this old file, thought you might enjoy a little poem.

Ode to the CC Tigers

The CC Tigers,
Their NCAA dreams are in ruins.
One cup in fifty-three years,
Has caused many tears,
Fans drown their sorrows in beers
As the players get jeers,
And the Title still avoids them.

Their players are all washed-up jocks,
They’re even worse at sucking cocks!
In the playoffs they choke,
And all their fans' hearts are broke.
Half the team is on coke,
The team is a joke.
So the Title still avoids them.

Each year the results are the same,
And Scotty Owens is the person to blame.
There are fifty-three more,
Years of failure in store.
They can't even score,
From their eyes tears will pour.
'Cause the Title still avoids them.

Mike B said...

Interesting piece. Where was Ruggs? Is he pulling the Tiger Woods card with the interviews leading up to the NCAAs?
Back in 2004-05, Gwoz reveled many times that, then senior, Luke Fulghum was the "barometer" on their National Championship teams. If he played well (getting after loose puck, playing physical, taking shots), the team played well.
I am wondering if such a player exists on this year's team. Is there a player who can lead, on and off the ice, the way Fulgy did? I have been watching this team closely all year, and I am not sure that they have this type of character player. I am looking a Rhett, but I am not sure. I hope whoever this player is shows up this weekend and in two weeks. Also, I hope that this player is not Maiani; that would be bad. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Mike B. - interesting thought. I remember that about Gwoz/Fulghum as well. I wish my answer to your question was Glasser. Unfortunately, while he's always "on" the team is not.

I don't think we have a Fulghum comparable. The closest is Colborne I think (only considering the last half/quarter of season). Seems when he was dialed in, battling in the corners, laying some hits, taking shots, we've won and looked good. When he slips into his more passive and invisible mode we have struggled.