DU Lax Game At Invesco Will Decide NCAA Bid

(left) DU coach Bill Tierney has led DU to an undefeated season in conference games in his first season at the helm of the DU lacrosse program

From: DU Clarion

by Joe Kendall

The Pioneer men’s lacrosse team will play for the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference championship against No. 6 Loyola on Sunday at Invesco Field at Mile High home of the Denver Broncos.

The Loyola game is shaping up to be the most important game in the history of Denver lacrosse. The stakes are clear, win and go to the NCAA tournament, or lose and try again next year.

No. 16 Denver enters the pivotal matchup winners of their last seven games, including last Saturday’s 9-8 nail bitter against No. 17 ranked Fairfield. The Pioneers came from behind, as sophomore Mark Matthews notched the game-winning goal (read rest of article).


puck swami said...

Huge game for the Pios. Would be a major upset if they could pull it off.

I wish the game were on campus, so the 3,000 people that might come won't look so puny rattling around in Invesco.

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that DU decided to take this game to Invesco Field! Not only is it one of the coolest venues in the world, but now we get to watch replays on the Thundervision ;-)

Anonymous said...

Big game, I hope they win. Not sure I would call it a MAJOR upset, but still, didn't think they would be here a month or 2 ago.

What the heck did DU spend all that money making one of the only lax-only stadiums and then go ship off to invesco, its going to look pathetic with 2-3000 people in a 70,000 person stadium, Oh well, I hope they win!

dggoddard said...

I don't know a lot of the ins and outs of the DU Lacrosse Program, but a few guesses on the Invesco decision.

1). DU Lax will receive a lot more publicity playing at Invesco from the local and national media. Supposedly the NY Times is even doing a story about DU Lax on Sunday.

2). It helps recruiting. Tierney can tell the recruits, "Want to play in an NFL Stadium once a year. Come to DU."

3). The DU Lax stadium was paid by donations, so DU doesn't technically lose any money playing elsewhere.

4). DU's lax program is still in its infancy. Perhaps 25,000+ fans will show up one day to see DU play John Hopkins at Invesco.

5). I still want DU hockey to play CC or Michigan in the Pepsi Center. Perhaps this helps pave the way.