Tyler Bozak May Have A Chipotle Addiction

From: National Post
by Joe O'Connor

The summer plan for DU alum Tyler Bozak is abundantly clear. He needs to get bigger.

“I've got to gain 15 pounds,” Bozak says. “I weigh 180-185 pounds, right around that area, so I’d like to come in around 200 — without doing any detriment to my skating or agility or anything like that.”

Bozak has learned a lot in his rookie season with the Leafs. For one thing, NHL players are bigger, faster, better coached and smarter than they were back in college. Bozak has also learned that the high-risk puck-handling moves and passes that he used to pull at the University of Denver can often lead to disaster in the big leagues. Away from the ice, Bozak has discovered that pizza and gourmet burritos are not the ideal diet for a professional hockey player.

“We always had class and then practice, so you had to grab something quick,” he says. “Chipotle [a burrito restaurant] was my number one. It is not that bad for you, actually, but I was eating it six or seven times a week.”

The college kid has undergone a nutritional awakening with the Leafs. But he is not entirely cured. Bozak has located the one, and only, Chipotle franchise in Toronto, and still pops by for the occasional bite.

“I can’t get it completely out of my system,” he says.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, um, I guess those $6 rice burritos are good...
sort of.

dggoddard said...

In the interest of fair play, Qdoba is a "Premier Partner" Sponsor of the DU Athletic Department.

Puck swami said...

Both are trying to get away from each other, but until something new shakes out, we are stuck with each other. The Belt wants football and schools that fill the sports mix and southern geo footprint. DU has a sports mix that is more like an eastern school and without football or a hoops attendance of 4k, our options are limited.