News & Notes From Around PioNation (Lax Edition)

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DU assistant coach Trevor Tierney talks about DU's upcoming participation in the NCAA playoffs in his Inside Lacrosse Blog.
We haven't heard where DU Lacrosse fans will be watching the NCAA Playoff game at 3:30 PM MT on Saturday. The game is being televised nationally on ESPN-U. If you are heading to a local Denver watering hole post it in the "Comments Section" below.
The Boston Globe had an article about DU defenseman Jeff Brown.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, they will sell better than the "Boonetown to No-town" shirts.

Anonymous said...

The Boonetown to Motown sweatshirts are instant classics now!

They're like that newspaper that read "Dewey defeats Truman". They will be worth millions on E-Bay one day :-)