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Kyle Ostrow was officially named Captain next season. Jesse Martin, Chris Nutini and Dustin Jackson are the assistant captains.
Tyler Ruegsegger's younger sister Rebecca, has been invited to USA hockey's most prestigious goaltender camp. Rebecca is the starting goaltender on the University of Wisconsin's women's team. 36 goaltenders will attend the third annual Warren Strelow National Team Goaltending Camp, May 27-30, in Ann Arbor, Mich. The goaltenders chosen represent the top goaltenders eligible for international play in select age groups.
The International Ice Hockey Federation has awarded the World Under 18 Championships in 2015 and the World Junior Hockey Championships in 2018 to the United States. Colorado would be a great host for one of these two events, but no sites have been determined yet.
Rumor has it that the New York Islanders are trying to entice Matt Donovan to leave DU this summer and report to the AHL Bridgeport Sound.


msbdu said...

I hope Matt thinks long and hard before he jumps ship. He might want to contact Paukovich and Dingle and see how their careers progressed after they left early.

Anonymous said...

Where is a link/source to this "rumour" looks totally unfounded.

Anonymous said...

Would you want to stick around and look forward to at least a couple of years of mediocrity? Plus play for a coach who has no commitment to the future.

puck swami said...

Sadly, I don't think Colorado would turnout more than a few thousand people for either USA Hockey event. The hockey base here is more Avalanche-driven or DU-driven than it is pure hockey fans. The World Juniors in the USA has been a disaster when held in places that are not proximal to a major Canadian market (Boston, Anchorage and Minneapolis hosted and sucked). Grand Forks was successful because of its proximity to Winnipeg, and Buffalo will do well because it's near Toronto.

dggoddard said...

The "Donovan Rumor" is just that a rumor. Take it for what its worth.

A Colorado Junior Hockey Championship could host preliminary games in Vail, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs and Magness. The Semi-Finals & Finals could be held in the Pepsi Center.

I think they could sell the event with some good planing and organization. The Avs fans may be interested in seeing all the future NHL stars.

pessimisticfan said...

9 Pioneers eligible for next month's draft. 2 of which are for our '11 class:

FR- Beau Bennett
FR- Jason Zucker
SO- Shawn Ostrow
JR- Nate Dewhurst
FR- Jarrod Mermis
SO- Adam Murray
FR- Sam Brittain
'11- Garrett Allen
'11- Dan Doremus

puck swami said...

Dewhurst is 20 years old and would not be eligible for the draft.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Ostrow is too old, as well, with a 3/90 birthdate.

Jarrod Mermis is the same with a 2/90 birthdate.

So, along with Dewhurst, there are 3 players on yer list who are no longer eligible.

Oh, yeah, is Brittain going to even be old enough to be drafted? He won't be 18 until October. If Nick Shore isn't eligible for this year's draft, how could Brittain be when he is a month younger?

Research, dude, it's called research....

Pessimisticfan said...

ah dude actually you need to do your research before you get all aggressive. 2010 NHL Draft eligible players must be born between 12/31/89-9/15/92. All 9 of the players I listed are born between those dates. Now, only 3 of those 9 will likely be drafted. Do your research buddy. Age doesn't matter, it's birthdates.

dggoddard said...

Sam Brittain is eligible because he is at the NHL Combine this week.

I am pretty sure that Shawn Ostrow is draft eligible.

Any player who will be age 18 on or before September 15 in the year in which such Entry Draft is held, or reaches his 19th birthday between September 16 and December 31, both dates included.

Pessimisticfan said...

Brittain's brithdate is 5/10/92, he just turned 18. He will be attending NHL Combine this week. Predicted to be 3-5th goaltender selected in Draft behind Jack Campbell, Calvin Pickard

Pessimisticfan said...

Your right DG, which means dates must be between 12/31/89-9/15/92. Shore is 9/26/92, Makowski is before the december '89 cutover, so neither recruit is eligible.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Dewhurst is ineligible and he is younger than Mermis or Ostrow then logic would dictate that they were, too, ineligible.

Or did I put too much faith put into Swami?

Plus, Chris Heisenberg has Brittain as being born on 10/5/92 when it is actually 5/10/92.

I guess I put too much faith in Heisenberg there as well.

Sorry for hurtin' yer little feelings for putting more faith in better-known sources; I will be sure to add "pessimisticfan" to my list of trusted sources for all information regarding DU and college hockey in general. So, oh well, in the end, just un-bunch yer frickin panties about some comment on a blog.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pessimistic fan knows his shit. Except for being a Rangers fan ;-)

Anonomous you have lost all credibility and I no longer trust your posts. Wait...that's pretty much everyone including myself??? Who should I trust now!?

puck swami said...

I'll stand by my earlier contention that all 1990 birthdates are not elgible for this year's NHL draft (if they are North American-born players).

This draft is for 1991 and 1992-born players.

Mermis, Ostrow and Dewhurst Cannot be selected.